Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tidbits from the Backseat

Cooking with EPS:
It was Connor’s classes’ turn for a cooking session. Here’s what he had to say about what his class “cooked” up:
Me: Connor, did you cook something today?
C: Yes. I cooked today at school.
C: I broke all the cookies (graham crackers). In little pieces.
C: And cut the nanas (bananas). With a knife. But it wasn’t a sharp knife. My teachers told me it was ok.
C: I put it all in my bag and shook it up and mushed it all together so it was all mixed up.
C: Then I got to EAT it!!!
Me: Was it good?
C: [nodding] I ate it all!
C: And I had sour juice.
C: Rohan made it green.
Me: What did Rohan make Green?
C: Rohan made green juice.
Me: What color was your juice?
C: I had sour juice, too. It was green.
Me: Did you make it green?
In stereo sound …
C: [in a sigh… weren’t you listening to me voice?? I already told you… ] No… ROHAN made it green.
Ry: No, mommy. Rohan made it green.

As soon as Connor finished his cooking story Ryan chimed in with his own story about Science yesterday:
R: In science yesterday Miss Samantha put pudding in my cup.
R: And then she put a worm in it.
Me: A worm??
R: But not a real worm. A food worm.
Me: A gummy worm?
R: No. A FOOD worm.
R: And some cookies. We crumbled up all the cookies.
R: We put them on top of the worm.
R: And I got to eat it, too.

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