Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mix and Match

Kevin picked out the boys' PJ's last night and got them dressed for bed.  I did a double take when I saw Connor.  He wore the outfit on the left.  Then I glanced at Ryan and he had on the one on the right. 

 I realized right away that neither one of them had matching jammies on.  And not only that - it wasn't that he mixed up the shirt of one set with the pants of the other, but he had parts and pieces of 4 totally different sets of PJs. 

Most of the time I try to fold and sort the boys' laundry.  But I often leave it all in a tub until I wash all the lights, darks and in betweens in the hopes that I will be able to match everything back up again.  Right now we are in the half and half phase where I have washed some of the laundry, but not all of it.  And we have been picking things out of the tub as we need it. 

Every time I fold laundry I end up with a few assorted things that don't match.  A PJ top without the bottoms.  Bottoms without a top.  Shirts without their matching shorts. That kind of thing.  It happens so often I have dedicated a drawer to the odds and ends in the hope that with the next round of laundry or two it's matches will be found.   For the longest time I was perplexed on how I could have an even number of tops and bottoms but not have matching sets given that they always wear tops and bottoms.  Apparently I should keep a little closer eye on Kevin's choices...

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