Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ryan has been a hoot this weekend. You can find Kevin's version of the story below along with, in true Kevin style, an epistle about everything in life. :)

Ryan started another cute little “trait” this weekend. The word “OK” has become a common part of his vocabulary. He’ll say things like “More cranbabies, OK?” or “Water, OK?”. He seems to mostly use the word like a question at the end of sentences, but he also uses it in place of “yes”. These probably aren’t the best examples, but trust me, it’s cute.

Some other items I noticed this weekend with Ryan: He now calls McDonald’s “Old MacDonalds.” He has learned the meaning of “yes”. For a long time, he has clearly known the meaning of “no”. It is refreshing to finally see him say yes to some questions.

Some other Ryan Cute traits:
- Cranberries are Cranbabies.
- Connor is Tartar. While I should be proud when he starts calling him Connor, I’ll really be sad. It is so cute seeing him call him Tartar.
- Everything related to Ryan’s Yellow bus. That Tonka yellow bus has to be with him constantly when he is at home. Every morning when I carry him down stairs he is already asking where his yellow bus is. Normally, he finds it right away. He typically remembers where he put it. On the days he doesn’t remember, nothing is right until he finds his yellow bus. He’ll say “Yellow Bus” over and over until we find it. Also, the Yellow Bus is the most common thing on Old MacDonald’s Farm (just ahead of Blue Truck).
- Speaking of yellow, Ryan point’s out everything yellow. Every yellow car we pass on the road is a yellow “truck.” And Ryan is especially pleased to see yellow school busses on the way to daycare every day.
- The ABC song never sounded as good as when Ryan sings it. He recently started singing the ABC song. He does really well. He can go through the whole thing. His version is unique in that “T-U-V” has become “TV-on”, which also happens to be one of his favorite phrases when in the living room and the TV is off.
- Ryan’s kisses. He always has to kiss you on both sides of the cheek. If you don’t offer up your other cheek, he says “other side.” He also recently started giving kisses on the nose, head, each eye, and other assorted places on your face. What a cutie.
- Whenever we go to brush teeth at night, Ryan now always says “Daddy sit down.” He wants me to sit on the floor with them while they brush their teeth. I usually comply.
- Whenever he has an especially bad diaper, he says “Almost done” to try to get me to finish as quickly as possible. He learned this because I would tell him I was almost done to make him feel better when changing these difficult diapers.
- Although it isn’t cute that Ryan wakes up at or before 7 am every morning (or at least not on weekends), it is cute how he says “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” every morning which we can hear on the baby monitor. Connor is a lot quieter, content to let Ryan inform us that they want to come downstairs. Whenever Ryan isn’t doing a good enough job and Connor feels he needs to get involved, he typically says “Mommy.”
- “Daddy wake up!” I used to here this when I would “play dead.” I now hear it whenever I even set my head down. I guess Ryan just wants to keep me on my toes.

Connor has his own set of cute traits.
- He still loves books. He especially loves some book which has little pop-out foam pieces which have pictures underneath. He often asks me to help him remove them because some of them are hard to take out (even for me!). Unfortunately, I think that book has pretty much bitten the dust. I’ve seen different pages of it strolled all over the place this weekend. I think it has finally fallen apart from overuse. I haven’t seen him do it too often lately, but he used to go sit in his little blue chair and start reading a book. He still does it occasionally and it is especially cute.
- Connor tries so hard. Whether it is climbing the stairs to a slide or climbing onto the couch, he gives it everything he has. He’s a very determined little boy.
- Connor loves ducks. He says “quack” whenever he sees a duck. I remember the days when, according to Ryan and Connor, the duck said “duck duck.” Ducks have now learned to quack. Connor also has a little ducky he now always wants when he is in Brandi’s car. He loves to feed the ducks (except when one of them gets his finger). Old MacDonald often has ducks on his farm (a nice break from all of the busses and trucks).
- Connor has the cutest laugh. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is cute.
- Connor loves his “Mommy.” It is unreal how much Connor is attached to his Mommy. If mommy is around, he wants to be with mommy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Honk, Honk, Beep, Beep!

The Auto Show! On Thursday Kevin and I took the day off and headed down to check out the auto show.
Our first stop - a crazy detour by the $10 cheeseburger shop because Kevin was starving. :) When our order came out we discovered that they put them on a poppy seed buns of which I am not a big fan. After all kinds of hullabaloo I managed to get it swapped out for Ciabatta bread. So after we scarfed down the yummy fries we headed off to actually look at the cars!

Or SUVs in my case.... As my car is approaching it's 9th birthday I was really hoping to pick out a replacement for it at the show. We started off at the far end with Mazda - not a company I would have really thought to look at, but I really liked their CR-9.

It will definitely go on my to drive list as a real possibility. I liked the looks, real sized 3rd row seating that folds flat when not in use, rear a/c vents, a nicely styled interior, and all the amenities that were on my list. They also offer it in a great deep blue metallic color called Stormy blue that while I swore I would pick a different color for my new car might just have changed my mind.

After venturing through a few other vendors we came to Acura. In particular the Acura MDX. I fell in love with the MDX the first time I saw it at a car show several years ago. And sight un-seen the MDX was on my list of vehicles to consider.
The styling however has changed quite a bit since the first time I looked at it. And like Kevin, I am not fond of the "beak" looking front end. At first glance I wasn't impressed with the looks of the new dash, either, though maybe it will grow on me. The vehicle itself is still loaded with a whole host of amenities that were on my requirements list. So for now, at least, it will stay on the test drive list.

Another surprise for me came from GMC. I first saw the Acadia on the road a few weeks ago and made a mental note to make sure to take a look at it at the show.

And for those of you noticing a trend here - I am actually not a fan of white vehicles, but interestingly enough 3 of 4 top 4 were represented in white at the show.

I liked just about everything about the Acadia. I particularly liked the show's 2-2-3 setup with captains chairs in the second row and optional console in the middle. I have no idea where my nearest GMC dealer is, but they will be hearing from me about a test drive. :)

Of course this trip wasn't all work (picking out a new car is hard work you know!) We also admired some perennial favorites of mine, too. Like this nice Mini Convertible...

Kevin's focus at the show was a little different. He was helpful and thoughtful on likes/dislikes of the cars I was looking at, and a great sport at crawling in those 3rd row seat to help me determine if real people would fit or not. But his focus.... well... he looked at some different things.

Starting with this Nissan Cube. Think this could be the next nano-van??

I am not sure. It would have some stiff competition with the Honda Fit. He was pretty impressed with the roominess of this one.

But of course his favorite was the Corvette. I crawled into the passenger seat to check it out. If you don't mind being 2 inches off the ground and sitting in a car designed for it's sporty looks, not creature comforts I suppose it isn't a bad car for those without children. Though the boys probably would have enjoyed rolling around in it's larger than expected trunk like area behind the front row seats, I somehow don't think that would pass inspection.
I also enjoyed some of the oddities at the show. Like these alien looking headrests on one of the small economy cars or another.

And this robot from Ford was a hoot. I am not sure if there was someone behind the operations or not, but he was a real crowd pleaser. From posing to the paparazzi as he called us, to his observations of the "little humans" in the crowd.
And speaking of the "little humans" they are about the only ones I think Lotus had in mind with the cars they had on hand. They were tiny. I can't even imagine how a real person would slink down and contort themselves into one of these...

But my absolute show favorite had to be this pimped out tailgating truck. Called the Midnight Rider and supposedly inspired by Brooks and Dunn it came equipped with everything you could need to tailgate in style. From the BBQ grill, to the drink dispenser, condiment slots, speak system, t.v. and more.

Now that. That is the way to tailgate.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Put the smoke back in.

Someone let some of the smoke escape out of my car. In truth I suppose it has been gradually leaking out for a while. But late last week I happened to glance over and wisps of smoke were floating up inside my car. Yeah, you heard me right. INSIDE the car. Not in the obvious the car is on fire kind of way, but more like how hot food lets off steam that you can see in the just right light at the right angle. Then it got a little worse. It wafted up and got sucked into the return vent in the dash - a lot like the vent on on the stove. Only then it was recycled - out of the floorboard to now also being spit back out of the ac vents. So I turned off the ac. Which fixed the problem for all of a day or two. Because come Monday morning there was now smoke coming out of the ac vents whether it was on or not.

So I finally did what any rational person would have done days ago and took the car in to have it fixed. In my defense I knew that the problem was - a coolant leak doing something bad to my heating coil. And per the shop that first took a look at the problem it would eventually get worse, but in the meantime driving it wouldn't case anymore damage. Other than probably cancer from all that inhalation of toxic fumes. But then again when we had this conversation smoke wasn't one of the symptoms. And since I am in theory in the market for a new car I wasn't sure whether I wanted to fix it or not. But since I still don't have a clue what I want I decided I should go ahead and get it fixed so that I can take my time and get exactly what I want.

So yesterday we dropped the car off at the shop so they could start on it first thing in the morning. Because of course it couldn't be a $10 fix that takes 10 minutes - duct tape anyone?? Oh, no... It was the pull the whole dash out, take all day, muy labor intensive kind of problem. Which of course translates to ca-ching, ca-ching.

Tonight, as promised the car was done and ready to go. They put the smoke back inside the car, and other than an awful smell (way worse than the smoke) which I hope will fade in a day or two everything seems to be working. Hopefully I have seen the last of the smoke...

I am such a dork.

Not that this is probably news to anyone, but I am such a dork. I spent an hour at Kroger tonight doing some shopping (and saved a fortune! But that is a whole other post). And as I was walking down the frozen foods section I noticed that the lights of the cold cases were off. Or at least they were until I got close them and they went from some sort of power saving mode to on. It was really kind of neat (think Starship Enterprise) as I walked down the aisle and the lights magically flickered on in front of me. Yeah, I am easily amused sometimes. But seriously when did the grocery store go so high tech??

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arbor Day Celebration

Saturday we went to the Woodlands' Arbor Day Celebration. The boys were chomping at the bit to check out the festivities so despite parking in the boonies at Creekside they walked/ran all the way to the park.

When we crested the hill on the other side of the pond the bright colors of the row of jump houses came into view. Wow. So many places to jump - so little time.

And jump they did. Bounce, fall, do it again. Tossed here and there by the bigger kids jumping. But it didn't matter to them. They thought it was the best thing ever.

And then they discovered the slide. Connor's first trip up was rough, fraught with set backs and minor spills, but by sheer determination he made it to the top and gleefully slid on down and got in line to do it all over again.

After they tuckered me out watching them jump and bounce, run, and climb time and time again we finally plucked them out and sent them on to see what other amusements the afternoon offered. Ryan spotted the dog from quite aways away and chased him down. Though he wasn't quite sure what to do when he finally caught up with up. He checked him out from a distance, but refused to get too close. Connor wasn't even braver, today.
Before long we found the hula hoops, and though we didn't use them for their intended purposes the boys had a good time playing with them.

While Connor and daddy played with the hoola-hoop some more Ryan and wandered over closer to the stage to hear the live music. Ryan danced along.

Then venturing further down we found the normal park playground with its long twisty green slide. Ryan eagerly climbed the stairs to get to the top. And I was shocked. He trucked right on up the stairs standing, not holding on to a thing. He has conquered stairs a million times, but never before like that. Generally they both crawl, or once in a while Ryan will walk the stairs holding on the hand rail. But this time he walked right up the middle all by himself while I alternately cheered him on, and held my breath. :)

Eventually we found the concessions. The boys enjoyed hotdogs while I ate a frito pie. With our tummies full and the boys batteries recharged by the 5 minute break we made our way to the petting zoo. While the boys enjoy looking at animals, seeing them up close and personal is a whole other matter. They both held on for dear life.

Connor did eventually get brave enough to give the tiny little pig a pat or two. They also had pony rides, but the line was fairly long and given the boys' reluctance to see the animals in the petting zoo up close we thought we should probably pass.

We walked by the sparring robots. They were actually pretty neat to watch. Inside each one is a seat and set of controls to make them move and control their arms.

Ryan also checked out the firetruck from afar. He wasn't too sure what to make of the girl on the bouncy stilts so he kept his distance.

As we made our way back to the field Puffy the Pinecone's birthday celebration was just getting underway. He was joined by a whole slew of mascots.

With every one's attention shifting to the birthday celebration the jump houses were practically vacant. So we let the boys run though them again for a little while and even hit up the ball pit on our way out. Ryan was having so much furn that we eventually had to reach in and pull him out by his feet.

As it was well past nap time we started the 10 mile trek back to the car. Though obviously exhausted the boys still chose to walk by themselves most of the way. After a quick round of snacks and diapers we loaded everything back up into car. They were asleep before we even made it the short distance out of the parking lot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days to Remember

I am not sure I want to remember yesterday, and truthfully today isn't off to a great start either (bad, bad babies this morning). Though I am abundantly aware that it is all relative. There were no earthquakes. Not even major complaints on a toddler scale - no middle of the night wakening or other drama - just mildly uncooperative toddlers doing what they do best.

But there are so many little things that I know will be nothing more than a distant memory before long that I do want to remember. I want to remember that Ryan sang the entire ABC song yesterday all by himself. I was so proud of him. I also want to remember that he repeatedly said "q-r-s, tv on." in the middle of the song then would look excitedly towards the tv before going on. And that Ryan calls Connor "Tar Tar" and once upon a time Connor called Ryan "Cracker." And how excited Ryan was this week to show us that he could drink out of a cup all by himself. He dribbled a little once and immediately put his cup down, grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up. The sweet kisses they give. Connor gives big wet open mouth kisses and only on the mouth while he gently holds your cheeks. Ryan on the other hand gives a brief smooch on first one cheek then the other. And if you don't offer the second cheek he will tell you "other side!" Once in a while he will keep going - naming each part just before he kisses it "nose", "eyes", "head", and "hair". Such sweet, sweet memories.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh what a day

Sunday was a busy, busy day. The boys woke us up even earlier than normal. Why is it that we occasionally have to threaten to wake them up on weekdays, but on days where we would actually appreciate the extra 30 minutes or significantly longer in case you are listening boys… they decide they want to get up early?? It’s the excitement of getting to spend the day with us, right? That must be it.

After running through our morning absolutions Kevin and Ryan headed out the door to go get us rodeo tickets and Connor and I headed out a few minutes later with our own to do list in hand. Connor was a champ – he patiently stuck with me as we tackled item after item on our list. By the time 9:30 rolled around we were done with our list and headed over to join Kevin and Ryan in line for tickets. Ryan was being the model child standing in line quietly enjoying some “cranbabies” when we arrived. Turns out he had already polished off the box of raisins and as many stale crackers as he could choke down.

It was actually kinda funny – Kevin had mentioned that the crackers in the blue package weren’t as good as the ones in the red package. I couldn’t imagine how animal crackers could taste that much different but didn’t think much of it. I gave Connor his box of raisins and we waited, and waited. Ryan kept eying Connor’s raisins so after I while I started prowling through the bag to see if he had more snacks before he decided to try to confiscate some of his own. And there sat the cookies. I opened the bag and gave one to Ryan and snagged one for myself. It was immediately apparent why Ryan hadn’t wanted more of them to begin with – they were stale. Not the just not quite fresh stale but the “YUCK!!! I can’t believe you ate this and fed it to your child stale!” Ryan happily gave it back. I opened up Connor’s bag and found his red bag of cookies and Ryan happily scarfed them down.

We eventually made our way to the front of the line and after going through the gauntlet of people with add-ons were finally done. 4 tickets to the rodeo. It will be the boys’ first trip to the rodeo and while I don’t harbor any delusions about them actually watching much of the rodeo I know they will thoroughly enjoy the barns full of animals.

With tickets in hand and the boys chomping at the bit to be let loose we let them run the half mile or so back to the car. By the time we got home it was time for lunch, then a long, long nap. While the boys napped I ran some more errands and got home just in time to sit down for 30 minutes or so before starting dinner. I decided to be adventurous and try a new recipe – a meatloaf. It took no time at all to get it ready and into the oven leaving us with a whole hour to play before dinner.

I had been promising the boys that we would feed the ducks “soon” for a couple of weeks. I had even been saving some bread. So we grabbed the bread and piled into the car to go feed the ducks. The front of our neighborhood has its own flock. There must be a 100 ducks. They are fed well, and often. They typically even come running anytime a car stops nearby. When we got there all the ducks were in actually in the pond. A man was standing nearby fishing. And before long it became apparent why the ducks were safely ensconced in the middle of the pond – the man’s dog soaking wet and eagerly running around the edge of the pond trying to figure out how to get to the ducks. He eventually put his dog on a leash and sent it off with his kids to the playground nearby. I took our bowl of shredded bread down to the water and tossed pieces here and there to entice the ducks back to the nearby hill where the boys were eagerly waiting. The ducks trailed after me picking up the pieces I tossed here and there along the way.

The boys were so excited to see all the ducks and did a great job grabbing giant handfuls of bread and throwing it to the waiting hoard. A far improvement from their days of dropping it on my exposed flip flop clad feet. Though perhaps they are egged on my exhortations the entire time of “Throw it! Throw it!” Because as they have now both learned they are at the perfect height for a duck too impatient to wait for them to throw it to snag it right out of their hands. It was Connor’s turn this weekend. He paused for just a moment, with a fistful of bread held aloft. One of the ducks took it as in invitation to snatch it from his hand. I think he was more startled than anything, but after a minute or so was right back to grabbing and throwing fistfuls again.

We headed back home and before long pulled the meatloaf out of the oven. I will spare you the details, but needless to say that’s one recipe we won’t be making again. It will go into the same pile as the orange marmalade pork from earlier in the week.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

22 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days

The scene of the crime...

22 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days. That's how long we had gone without a "floater" in the tub. Our luck ran out on Thursday. A night like any other bath night. Nothing out of the ordinary until it was time to get out. The water was drained, towels at the ready. So imagine my surprise when I looked over and there it was...
EEWWW!! And I don't mean the letter arrangement - that was compliments of Kevin while he was "cleaning." I am not sure who the culprit was, though I have my suspicions. Kevin on the other hand has practically convicted a suspect based on a thorough investigation of the incrementing "evidence" left behind. It was the size of the turd, Dear Watson. Isn't it obvious??

Can you feel it now??

I had a dentist's appointment on Wednesday, the 13th. I suppose that alone should have made me leery. A sign perhaps? But this was the last thing left to be done on my dental list from last year. Dead tooth - check. 2 replacement fillings -check. More cleanings that I have had in longer than I can remember - double check. And with that I had reached the max of my dental benefits for the year. So I had to leave the last 2 fillings - replacements for some really old silver fillings I had until this year.

So, as usual I arrived, and after the briefest of waits was ushered back into the torture chamber. A place where I would spend the next 3 hours with a numb tongue having my poor little cheeks stretched to the limit. It started off pretty typical - an x-ray or ten (think I glow in the dark?). And then some numbing gel before the shots. For the record I hate shots. They always hurt numbing gel or not. Today was no exception. The first three knee jerking shots down he readied another round. Only to be surprised at the depth of herky jerky response as I practically bolted upright on the 2nd one because previous shot or not, that really, really hurt. 10 shots later and one more for good measure (just to be sure...) he got started.

First with a picture. This little camera was wheeled over, it's wand tip placed over the tooth, some incantations said, a small dance or two, and presto a topographical representation of my tooth appeared. The "before" picture. Then the drilling commenced - removing the old filling. Before long despite a nicely tingly tongue we discovered that I could still feel that and we moved right on to ligament numbing. And here I thought I had tried it all, but it was new even for me. The taste of stray drop was awfully bitter, but it's instantaneous numbing made up for it. After drilling half way to China removing the old filling, taking off a little decay under the filling, and taking care of a hairline crack the magic wand was back. Calculating just how much tooth I used to have and telling some magic machine hidden off-set how to recreate it we were on to side two. After a bit of deja vu with the shots, though more liberally applied the first time around - you can't say we don't learn from our past mistakes - side two was numb and tooth 2 followed the same script as before because I am clearly nothing if not a glutton for punishment.

After a short break in which we all got quite a good chuckle out of me trying to talk with an entirely numb tongue we attempted to get started putting the porcelain fillings in place. And all was going fairly well, until I realized that I could feel quite clearly the waft of the airgun not on the side he was working on, but on the opposite side. After another round of numbing which I am fairly certain even an elephant would have succumbed to the work was finished. Finally. Three.hours.later.

I was sent on my way with a strong recommendation that I pop some hospital grade pain relief from a bottle before the numbness wore off. And that it might be a "little sore" for a few days from all the shots. Wow. What an understatement. Luckily the drugs knocked me out and I spent the next 6 hours sleeping blissfully despite not having even a morsel of food all day long.

It's been 4 days and my gums are still incredibly sore. I have alternately sworn off tooth brushing (which coincidentally is not what got me in this predicament in the first place - at least according to the dentist - I just have bad enamel that never hardened) and eating all together. Neither is particularly practical so I chew carefully, and brush more so.

Let's just hope that the boys have better luck with their teeth than their mother...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter is finally here

Winter has finally come. For a day or two at least. Just enough to wreak a little havoc and make me grumble once again about how unfair it is that the rest of the world is covered in a blanket of white and us? Yeah. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Not even a good frost on the windshield. How can it be in teens and we don't even get to see just a lite sprinkling of the white stuff?

It was cold enough that we had to bundle the boys up in coats, hats, and mittens on the way to school Friday morning. And that they didn't even venture outside all day long. Poor teachers. :)

Ryan objected to the double pom pom hats and chose instead to wear a red hat with his new red mittens that he got for Christmas.

I don't know what he has against this hats. They are just so darn cute! I really love em. :) At least one baby appreciates them.

Remember that havoc I mentioned? This is it....
It's our sprinkler system backflow valve, or what's left of it anyways... On Friday we got a note from one of our co-workers about draining our sprinkler backflow valve. We didn't get around to doing it before it was far too dark outside to even attempt. And in truth I don't think we were too worried about it. It had frozen before without any dire consequences, right?? Well, we weren't quite so lucky this time. Sometime Saturday afternoon it blew a gasket and shot a geyser of water over 5 feet into the air. As the water hadn't even reached the street we don't think it ran too long before being noticed. Oops.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Better Days

I am hesitant to say school is getting better but come Friday the boys both went into their classes and were off to play without a single tear being shed. YEA!! :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big Game

Texas vs. Alabama in the BCS Title Game for the National Championship.

Kevin had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time. Texas' chance at another National Championship. He (a Texas alum) and his boss (an Alabama alum) had even gone so far as to try to get tickets and were planning to road trip to the game. Unfortunately tickets were a bit hard to come by. One day at lunch a couple of weeks ago while chatting with another patron in line the guy mentioned the article in the paper he held saying it would cost $800 a ticket just to set foot inside the stadium (even for the worst nosebleed seat in the whole place!) and $2400+ for a ticket anywhere near the 40 yard line.

So with tickets to the game not forthcoming several other ideas including a trip to Austin, or a movie theater stadium event came and went. He ended up at a local restaurant/sports bar with several friends. As they had to be there over 2 hours before the game to get a table I thought it might be fun for the kids and I stop by for dinner before the game. It was a bright and noisy place with a boisterous, decidedly Texas crowd. Throughout the pregame as the crowd clapped and cheered at the sight of their team and players the boys got really excited - jumping up down, smiling, and clapping along. It was adorable.

At one point the Alabama faithful were cheering and the boys shouted and clapped along, too. Kevin, trying to discourage the cheering for Alabama had Ryan booing though still clapping at the same time. And I had Connor yelling "Roll Tide!" much to Kevin's disappointment.'

With the boys having such a good time with the crowd I decided to stay for the kick off and watch a series or two despite the fact that kick-off was later than I thought and would put us home well past the boys' bedtime. About the time Colt McCoy was headed to the locker room the boys' high was wearing off and sleepiness was setting in so we called it a night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving News

Got a pleasant surprise from school today. It was a "Moving up" letter for Connor. Apparently he will be joining Ryan in the big kid class starting in February. I didn't expect him to move until at least March, so it was quite a surprise. I am sure the boys will be happy to be back together again.

Ryan is still not thrilled about the new class, but he has been a little chatterbox since Day 1. He's the youngest child in the class so I suspect with all the older kids talking all day he is picking up on it. He has started singing more and more words of songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old McDonald." Old MacDonald used to have cows, and lots of them on his farm. Now he has a whole slew of vehicles like yellow buses to help him, too. :)

The new class also went cold turkey on sippy cups and straight to plastic cups. Ryan is probably dehydrating given he seems to be spilling more on himself that he is likely drinking. I am sure he will get the hang of it before too long, but it was quite a surprise when I dropped by a little early the first day to pick him to up and walked in during snack time where they had set a cup of water down in front of him.

They are also working on getting him to try out the potty. He has had a "T" for try on his sheet at least once a day. Though they have commented that he definitely still prefers to be changed instead of going to the potty. I am hoping that seeing other kids going potty will encourage him to want to try more, too. I am not in any hurry, but he was getting pretty good at telling us when he had to potty before he went a while back.

Connor has shown us some new little quirks of his own in recent days, too. He has started to say "No" to everything and shakes his head while doing so. The funny part is that he also peeks out under his lashes and grins when he says it. It's really cute.

Connor seems to be taking the changes at school mostly in stride. I don't think he really understands what is happening, but he just seems curious, not really upset about it all. He has been quite a trooper. I hope he holds up as well when it is his time to join the new class.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school

It was a rough, rough morning. For better or worse the boys are now in different classrooms at school. They weren't particularly thrilled with this new turn of events. Ryan especially who is now in the big kid classroom (with far fewer cool toys...) with new teachers and new classmates. I am sure it will just take a little time to adjust and we will all survive, but I really hope tomorrow will be better day than today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lots of family

Every year Kevin's family gets together just after the holidays to eat, and catch up. The kids really enjoy getting to play with their cousins.

Connor hanging out with the big kids.

And realizing a little belatedly that all that brown stuff was mud. The whole rear of his pants were covered from zipping off the end of the slide onto the still muddy ground.

Ryan played with his bus and discovered some sweet gums balls.

And of course we had to swing on the big kid swings just like everyone else.

The kids also enjoyed a wild sea-saw ride - one anchored on each wing as they plane hit turbulence, battled dinosaurs and all manner of foreign enemies to be fired upon and blown out of the sky.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bon Appetite

Just call me Martha. :)

I have turned baking maven overnight. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate just a tad. But I did spend most of the day slaving away in the kitchen making goodies.

I tried a new recipe for silky smooth apricot cakes. Mmmm... don't they look good?
And see!! I did use the oven. I do know how it works! :)

I also made another batch of the chocolate covered oreo truffles. My chocolate dipping skills could use some work. But after just one bite you will forget all about what they look like. Trust me. They are that good.

I also made another batch of the peanut butter flakes. Only this time I won't put them in the refrigerator and turn them into peanut butter bricks. Like concrete.

Mmmm, mmmm, good!
And for the record I also tried out my new slider press and cooked us some sliders though apparently I forgot to get any photographic proof of it.

So what were the boys doing while I was cooking away? Helping of course.

Or at least Ryan was.

Connor on the other hand was helping to make a mess of the mail.

They really were good helpers. They helped me replenish the cokes and Dr. Pepper's in the fridge and had quite a good time doing it until they got to the very bottom of box. Then they couldn't quite reach them anymore and couldn't figure out how to get them out. They both ended up practically crawling in the box while I choked backed gales of laughter.

They also helped pick up the aftermath of Christmas today. Or at least 90% of it. We found spots for most of the new stuff and got it safely stowed in its home before bedtime.


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