Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Puppet Show

On our way home from school yesterday the boys told me all about the puppet show they saw at school.

Connor:  There were 3 little piggies, and a big bad wuff (or wolf).  And the big bad wuff blew the piggies houses down. 
Ryan: Yeah, mommy, but only the soft ones.  Not the hard ones.  Not the brick one.  And then there was a clown.
Con: And a mama piggy.
Me: [a little perplexed] A clown and a mama piggy? [racking my brain... I don't remember there being a clown in the 3 little piggies story... ]
Ry: There were 2 clowns.  A big one and a little one.
Me: Did the clowns have big red noses?
Boys: No...
Me: Well, what did the clowns do? 
Ry: The clown jumped over the box and said "OWW."  But only the big one.  Not the little one.  They didn't do anything else.
Me: They didn't do anything else?
Boys: No.
Me: Were the clowns behind the puppet stage during the show? 
Ry: Yes.  But only the big one.  But he didn't do anything.
Me: Ahh... Ok.

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