Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating Father's Day

We spent the afternoon of Father's Day hanging out at Uncle Randy's house.

While we were waiting for the fish and fries to cook the boys ran around the backyard.  They played on the airplane, and on the see-saw. 

It was the first time they have done the see-saw by themselves and they really had a blast.

Though there were a few hairy moments when one or the other would push too hard and practically bounce himself right off as the end of the seat on the other end bounced on the ground.

They particularly thought that was hysterically funny.

After lunch we put the boys down for late nap.  They protested having to take a nap, but the second they stopped talking and moving they were out cold. 

We let them sleep for about an hour and then woke them up and wrangled them into their swimsuits.  Ryan in particular does not like to be woken up and it took him a while to decide to be sociable again.  But eventually the lure of splashing in the water won out and we headed to the pool.

Uncle Randy had some sort of handle that he used as a mega blaster.

It shot a stream of water the entire length of the pool.

Or when shot into the air pelted everyone within a 8 foot radius with giant water drops.

Ryan used his kick board as a shield to protect him from the blasts.

Kevin pulled the boys around and round in the floats.  I am not sure they were worn out before it all over, but I suspect that Kevin was.  :)

Once the boys were finally dragged off the floats they showed off their swimming skills.

Ryan must be practicing in his sleep because he even surprised us with a backstroke.  While Connor?  Well, the kid still can't float.  :)

Ryan on the other hand swam from side to side showing off his new talent.

His motorboat feet propelling his as fast as Lightening McQueen!

Meanwhile Connor never gave up hope.

He'd shout "Watch me Mommy" as he leaned back, and pulled his feet up to the surface. 

But before long he'd start sinking in the middle again...

The boys had passed pruned by the time they were finally lured out of the pool by pizza.

By the time we finally said goodbye it was well past the boys' bedtime, but they had certainly had a good time.

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