Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Thought Monday

My life is a series of snippets. Squirrel!! Name that movie.

Here are just a handful of the thoughts pinging around in there...
  • Sweetberry Farm is open on the weekends for a few more weeks. They currently have Blackberry picking and my all time favorite the Texas Maze. At NIGHT ONLY.
  • Where there are blackberries there are snakes.
  • Where there is corn there are snakes. It stands to reason snakes would also be attracted to really tall hay that looks a lot like corn. Especially at night. It’s easy to mistake the two. Ask Kevin.
  • Snakes are very hard to see in the dark.
  • Snakes do not like to be stepped on. No matter the time of day.
  • With that said, I am still giddy about the idea of running the maze in the dark. With a flashlight. Or floodlight. And a back-up. And extra batteries. You know, just in case…
  • And maybe steel toed boots. Because it seems like the kind of thing you would need.
  • I would say pants, too. But it’s way too hot for that.
  • The idea of running through a hay maze in the pitch black (okay, except for that almost full moon at the moment) reminds me of a serial killer ish movie where everyone dies a gruesome death.  
  • I am still excited.
  • I wonder if they sell full body reflector and blinky lights combo for children. Like a Christmas tree on crack. I see some Googling in my future. If not I am totally patenting it.
  • Don’t worry about the patent. You can steal my idea. I never get around to it. Like the whole GPS thing. Adding my own roads. Still the best idea ever. Would have made millions. Or at least enough to buy lunch. GPS companies if you are listening – BEST NEW FEATURE EVER. Don’t worry about royalties. Just send me a new GPS. And lifetime map updates would be a nice bonus.
  • Speaking of GPSs. I am loving the whole lane warning thing on my new one (it shows for example 6 lanes of the freeway and highlights the fact that only two of those are going the direction I want to go. Far enough in advance I could actually do something like get over in the right lane. Lifesaver.
  • I also LOVE the painted signs on the freeway. Do they do that everywhere? As you are driving along there are road signs painted straight onto the pavement along with arrows. So instead of you trying to figure out if the signs over the road two miles up there apply to your lane or not you can just look at the road as your driving by. Genius.
  • There are places where there are no frontage roads. Who does that?
  • Those places are often seedy places where it is not advisable to stop at things like red lights. And you should lock your doors. Every 10 seconds. And frantically search for an onramp.  Which are not conveniently located right next to the offramp.  Or even in sight of it.
  • There are also places with frontage roads that are two way. This lack of consistency is a bad thing. I regularly see people driving the wrong way on the frontage road. Especially out of hotel parking lots.
  • My favorite ones are the people who realized they were going the wrong way just before they got to the red light without any lights on their side facing oncoming traffic so they duck in the [blind] U-Turn lane [still going the wrong way…]
  • At school this morning there was a SUV fest. Kevin would have been appalled. There are 6 parking spaces up front (give or take a couple – Aggie math and all). And every single one including 3 more in the drive thru were SUVs.
  • They were all really expensive SUVs, too. Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. What do all these people to do??
  • I want to be independently wealthy. There are so many places that I would like to take my kids. And their nanny. :) 
  • I play the lottery. It’s a ridiculous waste of money. But there’s a pool at work. And just my luck if I didn’t play they would all win and be set for life and I would still have to work. I call it my early retirement plan. And it’s doing about as well as my company stock.
  • Speaking of which I must owe my bookie at least $20.
  • I need a new retirement plan. One with hopes of actually not having to work. Before I die.
  • But personally I think people should retire and take time off to do all the crazy things they want to do before they are too old to enjoy them. Live when you are young. Work when you are old.
  • Vultures have taken up residence on our building at work. It’s really kind of creepy.
  • V is for Vulture.
  • A is for Angel Fish, B is for Boa Constrictor, C is for Alligator. At least according to Connor. I don’t know the difference between Alligators and Crocodiles. I am not sure I care. I don’t want to be eaten by either one.  
  • I know Connor’s Animal Jamboree book by heart. Even the exotic ones like N is for Narwhal. And Q is for Quetzal. There is going to be more Googling in my future.
  • Know the saying – Red touch Black friend of Jack? Black touch red kill a fella. Who ever sticks around long enough to figure out what’s touching what?? I say – see a snake? RUN. Not quite as catchy I suppose.
  • We started swim lessons this weekend. Ryan doesn’t ever want to go back. Ironically I thought his teacher did the best job.
  • He was stuttering like crazy this morning, too. Where does that come from?? Trauma from swim lessons? He’s normally so articulate he amazes me.
  • Though he doesn’t want to go back to swim lessons he would however like to go to the pool today. And tomorrow. And the next day, too.
  • And McDonalds.
  • I have yet to find anything on the McDonalds dinner menu that can be considered more than edible. I know there has to be something good.  Someone please tell me what it is and save me from another round of menu roulette. 

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