Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons again in the hopes that someday the boys will actually learn to swim, instead of sink like rocks in the pool. 

They have both been doing great in the pool lately - they have been kicking like crazy, and are comfortable in pool with their puddle jumpers on.  They like to swim out into the deep, throw their toys and chase after them.  So we had high hopes for swim lessons this year.  Even more so when I snagged a groupon for a months' worth of lessons half off.  :)

Our first lesson got off to a bit of a rough start... Just before class time one of the staff members came into the viewing room and called the next round of students.  Connor was one of the first and he disappeared behind the door, but I noticed that he didn't end up in line with the rest of the kids.  The staff member was busy calling more names instead of directing the ones she had called.  Connor, left alone to do as he pleased, wandered off into the dressing room and stood at the gate to the back pool which was thankfully closed.  Watching him as he disappeared behind the door I noticed he turned the opposite direction as everyone else and went in search of him.  After getting him in line and making sure Ryan was as well I headed back in to viewing room, just in time to see the staffer open the gate to the pool and send the kids in to sit on a bench.  Connor lead the pack and instead of sitting on the bench he just kept right on going.  So did Ryan.  All the way to the end of the pool while the staff member was still ushering other kids in paying no attention.  Once again, I had to rescue them and get them back to where they were supposed to be before they decided to go swimming by themselves... in a deep pool with no life jackets on...

Ryan's teacher claimed him from the bench right away.  Connor on the other hand sat waiting as all the other students disappeared 2 at at time.

Connor was finally claimed and led off to a different pool.  I followed him just to be sure he got to where he was supposed to go instead of taking any more detours along the way...

Connor's group put goggles on and picked toys out of the bin and played with them for a couple of minutes before getting started.   At first Connor sat looking for me through the window calling "Mommy."  

Luckily it didn't last long.  And they started taking turns swimming out into the pool.

At first when it wasn't Connor's turn he would stand looking into the viewing room, looking less than thrilled. 

But as the lesson proceeded and he took his goggles off he started splashing in the pool and having fun. He tried more than once to swim off when it wasn't his turn to the point that a roving staff member had to come over and hold onto him lest he drown.

And by the end both he and his accomplice were splashing and making such a tidal wave of water that the productivity of the lesson had seriously diminished.

About halfway though I traded places with Kevin so I could watch Ryan's lessons as well.  He was taking turns practicing his kicking.

And even managed to put his head under water for a few seconds.  Way to go, Ryan!

After a few iterations of swimming out and back they "choo-choo'd" down the side of the pool and then practiced getting out, hopping back in and swimming back to the side of the pool.

Ryan's classmate headed to the potty at one point and after a dozen in and out's all by himself Ryan wasn't too thrilled about doing anymore.  I am pretty sure this look says - "rescue me!"

Thankfully, it was either time to move on, or the teacher got the hint.  They moved on to practicing floating on their backs.

I was actually surprised at how comfortable Ryan seemed as neither he or Connor generally like to lay on their backs in the pool.

Then, seemingly as soon as it had started it was over.  Later in the car, Ryan said that he didn't want to go back to swim lessons again and Connor chimed in saying he just wanted to go to the pool with mommy and daddy.  They have since repeated that sentiment a couple of times this week as we have talked about swimming some more.  I am little nervous as to how they will do when it is time to go back... If next week doesn't go better we may need to look into switching to parent/child classes assuming they even offer them for their age group...

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