Friday, June 17, 2011

The only way to beat the summer heat... Hanging out at the pool

I have had the best of intentions to get the boys to the pool once or twice after work this week in the hopes of practicing their swimming skills.   We actually made it yesterday.

Though of course, just my luck, the second I finally manage to get everyone sun screened and ready to go the whistle blows "Adult swim!" meaning the kids can't get in the pool for 10 more minutes as the life guards get a break. 

Luckily the rule doesn't apply to small terraced fountain and pool area so it becomes a mecca for all the kids banished from the two main pools during adult swim time. 

Though I have never understood the logic in that.  The top pool with the fountain in it is probably only 6-8 inches deep, but the lower pool is probably around 18 inches deep - about the same as most of the kids pool.  And as Connor proved it is absolutely possible to drown in just 6 inches of water when you do things like stick your head into the fountain and half the water blasts up your nose, and the other half comes down in a torrent on your head.

The kids still had fun playing in the little pools, but were eager to hit the kids pool the second the whistle blew.  So after donning their life jackets and pausing for a quick photo op they were off.  I have no idea where they got these fake cheese faces, but they totally crack me up.

As soon as we got in the boys wanted to go out to the deep end and swim.  They love their puddle jumpers and are really comfortable swimming around with them on.  They particularly like to throw their toys and chase after them or race us or each other from one end of the pool to the other.

All that kicking is hard work so after a while they made their way back to the shallow end to play with all the water spouts and try out the slide.

Kevin showed up as we were playing and they immediately recruited him to "get them" as they raced around the pool. 

We are really lucky to have such a great pool in our community that we can visit.  The boys always such a blast when we come.

They especially like it when we invite friends or happen to run into their friends from school.  On Sunday we invited Kendall and Mason to swim with us, and today we just happened o run into Matthew, one of Ryan's classmates.  He showed up just before we headed out.  Ryan was excited to see him and had fun chasing him around and sliding down the slide with him.

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