Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Movie Ever

Connor and I had a rare treat last night - a drive-in movie all by ourselves.  We piled the back of the car full of pillows and raced out to the drive-in, groupon in hand.  I had been warned by a co-worker that the drive-in had sold out really early the last few weekends in a row.  So we headed out pretty early.  Gates opened at 6pm and we were in line to get in around 6:20 for an 8pm start.  And I do mean in line.  As in pulled off in the grass on the side of the two lane road a quarter of a mile from the entrance.  By the time we actually turned into their driveway at 6:45 the line spread down the side of the road as far as the eye could see.  And as we finally cleared the ticket window and made our way into the actual parking lot we ended up on the next to last row with less than an hour to spare before the start.  After a move or 2, or 3 - hey who's counting.  We found a PERFECT spot (as pronounced by Connor from the rear window (not behind the monster truck, or the giant SUV with sky high tailgate blocking the screen, but behind two small cars pulled in face forward so no hatches to contend with.) 

We made a run for the concession stand to pick up our promised popcorn and drinks and headed back to the car to get settled in to all the pillows, figure out how to turn off our dome lights, and head lights, find the radio station, and get the volume set.  Connor pronounced the pillows cozy, and the volume just right.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect - a sunny 77 when we left the house, and slightly chilly 65 at movie time.  Perfect to snuggle down with in all the pillow and blankets.  :)

The movie The Croods was good as well.  Connor laughed himself absoltuely silly a number of times.  And begged me to add it to "his Netflix" when we got home so he could watch it again!  It was the "Best Movie Ever!"  Ironic given that I had to talk him into going just a few hours before because he was afraid it was going to be "scary!"

When we got home Ryan and Kevin were just where we left them in our bed watching movies with their eyes closed.  :)  In Ryan's defense it was 10:30, and he was still running a fever of 102.  Poor baby!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Picking Strawberries

A couple of years ago we discovered a pick your own strawberry place and thought it would be fun for the kids to see the strawberries growing on the plant, and get to pick and eat their own strawberries.  Sure enough we had a blast.  And must have eaten at least a pound on the spot 30 seconds after they weighed them and the instant we were done washing them.  :)  Unfortunately right before strawberry picking time last year they lost their lease and had to shut down.  So I was thrilled to hear that they had opened up again in a new location.  It's a little further away and a little hard to find, but it was definitely worth the trip.

They had 3 big fields of juicy ripe strawberries for the picking.

And pick we did.  :)

Though unlike normal people who look for the biggest, juiciest, ripest strawberries on the plant the boys' mission is to find the freakiest genetic mutations.  :)

Ryan proudly found this whopper this year.

 And ran screaming across the field to show it to me.  :)

Connor found a "baby chili pepper!"

They passed up dozens of perfectly ripe perfectly normal strawberries.

Though they did let me add a few "eating" strawberries to their baskets, too.

Though the second the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and it felt every degree and then some of the hot, humid, 81 Connor declared it was simply too hot to pick anymore and he needed shade! 

So he and Ryan took a rest in the shade.  For about 10 seconds before they started trying to kill one another... :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Easter At School

The kids' school holds an Easter Egg Hunt every year.  And at least similar to last year they send out the same note about non-candy fillers, or healthy fillers, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  :)  Yet every single egg we open has candy.  And not the healthy variety.  :)

Unlike last year, I decided I had better plan on staying for the egg hunt lest the kids disown me because "everyone else's mom's came!"  'Why weren't YOU there!?!?"

The eggs were scattered all over the yard.  A sea of brights and pastels dotting the landscape.

All 3 classes came out and lined up.

Anxiously awaiting the signal to go.  The line of parents waiting to snap pics was equally impressive, too.  :)

When they announced "Go!" the kids took off.

And shoveled eggs as fast as their little hands could go.

Afterwards of course they started opening all the eggs and attempting to sneak as much candy as possible before the teachers took them back inside and made them put up their baskets. 

But not before they lined each class up - a perfect opportunity for the parents to madly snatch a few more pics. :)

Connor's class totally cracked me up lined up against the big long wall.  If I didn't know better I 'd have sworn they were in a police line up.  :)


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