Monday, January 28, 2013

Mardi Gras King for a Day

He'd fit right in.

For the record - I had NOTHING to do with this.

They had King cake at school today.  From Randazzo's.  In New Orleans   My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  There's a reason the line is out the door and down the block and it's a 3 hour wait.  I had my own little slice of heaven earlier this week.  Hand delivered from NOLA.  I made the mistake the first time of just slicing off a tiny little piece thinking it would be like all those other imitations.  Dry and nothing to write home about.  Needless to stay the first bite had barely melted in mouth when I promptly turned around and shamelessly went back for seconds.  :) 

Connor found the baby in his little slice of cake.  And they crowned him King for the day. He couldn't have been more proud of his precious find. And now of course I have the perfect excuse to get a cake for school, and one for home of course next year.  :)

After dinner tonight I made a quick run to the store and when I got home Kevin had the kids dressed in their skeleton jammies.  And Connor had dredged up one of their fuzzy Thing1/Thing 2 hats from who knows where.  He was still toting around his baby and I could just picture him fitting right in with the Bourbon street crowd.  :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From the Peanut Gallery

On the way to school this morning....

Blah, blah, blah...
Ryan: "Oh my God!"
Me: Ryan!  Do.not.say.that!  We have talked about this before... You can say "oh my goodness."  Or "oh my gosh."  But...
Ryan: {hysterical laughter} Connor!  Mommy said "Oh my SQAUSH!"
{entire backseat dissolves into fits of giggles} 
{giggles subside a little}
Ryan: "Oh my SQUASH!!!"
{entire backseat commenses new round of belly laughs}
{3 minutes later... giggles start to peter out}
Ryan: "Oh my SQUASH!"
{enter backseat begins belly laughing/snorting... again...}

It must be a boy thing.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Connor's Christmas Play

Each of the primary classes at school put on a Christmas Play.  Connor's class' play was called The Littlest Tree. 

At the beginning of December school sent home the briefest note informing us that the class would be putting on a Christmas play, the date, the time, and that Connor was playing the role of a tree and that he needed to come dressed in a green shirt.  They didn't tell us anything at all about the play, not even the name.  So of course, I asked Connor repeatedly in the weeks before the play what his play was about, what part he played, if he talked, if he sang, etc.   All I could weasel out of him prior to the play was that he was "a tree."  And that he "grew."  Needless to say I envisioned him as a piece of the scenery without too active a role.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

As the children filed in to the room we got out first glimpse at his costume.  And he was quite a tree.  :)

As the other 20 or so children all took their places sitting along the edges of the rug, Connor, Miriam, and Corbin remained standing.  And the play began.  Ms. April the assistant teacher narrated the story as the children sang and acted out various parts.

Connor really cracked us up.  He didn't know all the words to the first song, or was just too distracted to sing, but by the time the second song rolled around he was singing, dancing, and making everyone laugh out loud.

Two familes came and picked their trees.  The second picked Connor "the perfect tree."

The last, littlest tree was very sad.  And did a great job acting!  :)

Luckily the birds, bunnies, and stars came along to help decorate the tree and cheer her up.

And for the Grand Finale all the kids stood and sang several Christmas songs.

I really couldn't have been more proud of Connor.  Their play was adorable and he did a great job!  A number of parents came up after the play and commented how funny he was and what a great job he did.  :)

Afterwards, the kids lined up to pick up their presents for their parents.  Connor was incredibly proud of all the ornaments he had made for us to take home and put on our tree.  :)

Before we left we got a picture of Connor his teachers Ms. Petra, and Ms.April.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I am living in the dark ages

I am so far behind the times.  I have a smart phone.  But I am not an app person.  I never get new apps.  Until someone else has it.  And demonstrates its awesomeness to me.  Like the flashlight.  And weather app.  And QR scanner.  And at least the first 2 out of 3 I wonder how I lived without.

Seriously.  I only recently discovered the Google Voice App on my phone (the one that's installed by default and is one screen off the home page!?!).  Revolutionized my world.  I would tell you if you don't have it to run, don't walk and get it.  But I am know I am the last one.  Tivo anyone?

I found another one tonight.  After trying to remember what in the world I had on my grocery list sitting on the bar at home, and yelling at Kevin over the phone to write down what I did remember - Fiesta Spud ring any bells?  It occurred to me there had to be an app for that. 

And I found one that is pretty awesome thus far. Out of Milk. Though I haven't actually tried sharing or syncing the basic adding item to list via voice or barcode were pretty awesome.  I will let you know on the sharing/syncing after he gets an account.  :)

Next on my list of apps?  An app to record gift ideas, and purchases.  So I remember who the actor was that Grannie was looking for in movies, and I remember that I bought my mom that thing that I still haven't found, but now remember I bought for her birthday.

So since you guys have already tried them all - let me know which one I need, k?  :)

Dear BCS Organizers

Dear BCS Organizers,

While everyone has complained about you for years I have turned a deaf ear and uttered not a single derogatory word.  But you have really crossed the line this time.  ESPN?  Really?  EVERY.SINGLE.GAME?!?!  You suck.


College Football fans without cable


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