Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cars 2 - Are you ready yet??

Cars 2 - just 12 more days...

The boys are chomping at the bit to see the new movie.  We see a preview practically every time we turn on the tv.  I hate commericals, but I have to confess I love the Target ad with the minivan squeezing in between the race cars.  But seriously - stores are exploding with merchandise.  Have you ever seen so much stuff for a movie before??  And BEFORE it even comes out!?

We picked up the new Lightening McQueen story book and have been reading it to the boys before bed every night.  They also have Cars 2 "chewies" (fruit chews) that I have been buying in bulk for weekend snacks if we are out.  The boys know that the blue one is Finn, the purple one is Holley, and they fight the bad guys.  And the green one is Francesco - he's a Talian (or Italain - tomato, tomatoe) race car.  And we just picked up some Cars 2 juice boxes this weekend.  They already know all the new characters (Holley, Finn, Francesco,  and the bad cars (Acer and Grim).  And of course, Jeff Gorvette - because he's yellow. And Jeff Gordon.  Kevin's already got Ryan brain washed.  I got in trouble for rooting for the M&M's car again (one of the Bush's I think).

Speaking of books - Connor and I stopped by Barnes and Noble looking for "Motion in the Ocean" and the "Barnyard book!" as special treats for him doing a GREAT job of keeping his underwear dry.  Luckily despite the lack of details on exactly what we were looking for... seriously that's all we had to go off of - we manged to find the two books online and get them ordered as they didn't have them in stock.

While we were there we noticed a new Cars 2 book called "Super Spies."  We picked it up for Ryan and when we got home I read it him once.  The second we were done he told me he wanted to read me the story now.  And I was blown away.  He repeated the story back to me practically verbatim after hearing it just ONE TIME.  We read it 2 more times before the night was over.  And the next day in the car they could still tell me the story.  All of it.  Insane.  More than a week later, after having not read it again, even Connor (who prefers Nemo and fish to cars) can still tell me that Lightening and Mater were on a plane to go to the race.  The bad cars try to hurt the race cars.  Finn and Holley fight the bad cars.  Mater didn't help Lightening, and Lightening lost the race.  The bad cars try to hurt Lightening.  Mater tries to warn him, but Lightning doesn't see him.  The bad cars catch them, and put them in the clock, but Holley and Finn fight them and Mater and Lightening get away.  I am absolutely amazed.

It looks like such a great movie.  They are going to have so much fun seeing the movie in the movie theatre.  I can't wait!!  The wait for it to come out on DVD however is going to be the real killer... Because where the boys are concerned, once will not be enough.  And they are so accustomed to instant gratification they have no concept of having to wait for the DVD... They freak out when we have to wait for a commercial.  Just think... they have never known tv with the tivo.  Did I mention that they can already work the DVD player?  At 3.

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