Monday, September 27, 2010

Melts my heart

We took the boys to McDonalds for breakfast this weekend. There is one step on their indoor playground that is always a bit of a challenge, but once they get past it they can do everything else on their own. We used to help them past it. But more recently they have been able to do it themselves with a little bit of determination and an encouraging reminder that they CAN do it.

This weekend they had both been up two or three times by themselves already when Connor just decided he couldn't do it by himself anymore. He asked me to come help him. As I stood just below him telling him where to put his leg and how he could do it himself Ryan came up behind him. As Connor lifted one leg up and strained to push off on his tiptoes Ryan pushed with both hands on Connor's rear end to get him up there. It was so cute. And so adorably sweet.

When they came down the slide the next time Ryan (who is now taller by probably 2 inches) had already scrambled up and was off to the races when he heard Connor saying that he needed help. Ryan told Connor "I will help you!" and came back, got back down, and once again pushed Connor up onto the platform before hopping back up himself.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

Noting stinks worse than shrink wrapped sweet potatoes that have been forgotten for too long. Trust me on this one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Car

It practically took an act of Congress to get it, but it is finally here. My new car.

It took about 10 seconds to sell the boys on it.

It probably helped that I loaded the DVD up with Cars and Lighting McQueen was zipping around the track on the DVD player during our test ride.

Not that they wouldn't love it anyways, but that might have helped a bit... When it was time to make the turn toward home they didn't want to go. And when we finally did get home they didn't want to go out. :) And when Kevin asked if they liked Daddy's car or Mommy's car better Ryan piped up immediately "Mommy's car! Mommy's car!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Hermann Park Train

We have been meaning to visit the train at Hermann Park for a while now. Before we left the zoo this weekend we decided to to stop by the the train station.

We apparently weren't the only folks with this idea in mind as two trains came and went while we waited relatively patiently in line.

The boys were super excited when it was our turn.

They sat like big boys in the seat by them selves.

They watched the scenery as the train made its way around the park.

And they were sad when the time came for us to get off the train and watch others excitedly clamber aboard to take their turn.

The Animals at the Zoo

In addition to the dinosaurs we also visited several of the real animals at the zoo. Lest you have any doubt, these were by far the wildest animals at the zoo. That's why they were fully caged in the guest relations office behind the glass away from all the other people.

When we got to the zoo we pulled out the stroller and loaded it down like a pack mule. Then I went to try to move it and realized that it was really hard to move. Hmmm... The brakes aren't on, so why isn't this thing moving?? A quick glance at the tires revealed the answer. Not one, but two flat tires. And no pump in the car... I thought surely the zoo would have a pump, but just in case we unloaded everything and set to walking without the stroller. The guest relations office at the front of the zoo did indeed have a pump so while the boys and I waited patiently in the nice air conditioned office Kevin went back to the car to get the stroller and aired it up and ready to go.

After we visited the dinosaurs we picked up some pizza for lunch. We spent the next 20 minutes circling both the inner courtyard and outside courtyards for a table while precariously balancing our food. Just as we were about to give up a nice couple offered us their bench. Not a table, but certainly better the hard cobbled ground we were considering. Before too long some folks occupying a nearby table left and we were able to move over to it. After lunch, we headed off to see the animals at the zoo.

Our first stop was by the herd of giraffes.

Even the giraffes craned their necks at our traveling show. :)

After the giraffes we made our way over to the elephants.

Connor was particularly fond of the elephants.

He especially liked the baby elephant.

We also made a stop by the tiger cage.

The tiger had just come out as we were passing by so we got to enjoy quite a show as he wandered his area and stopped off for a drink of water.

The lions were watching passers by looking for their afternoon snack.

Apparently nothing looked terribly promising.

The leopard was the only other one of the cats who was up and prowling.

He was pacing the fence line of his cage while half a dozen or so folks snapped pictures of him and children excitedly pointed and shouted to their parents to come and take a look.

The opaki (?) off in the distance was less interested in having his picture taken.

I am pretty sure I have seen that look before...

Uh, huh... That looks an awful lot like the no more pictures look.

The kids were almost zonked, but we decided to make a quick run through the monkey area before heading home.

Unfortunately the first set of monkeys weren't terribly cooperative. The only thing they wanted to show me was their hind end. So I took a picture of their roommate the turtle instead.

Some of the other monkeys were a bit more cooperative. Though their fences gave my lens focus quite a work out.

We stopped for a rest in the shade and watched the monkeys for a while. No longer in motion the boys stirred and decided it was time for an afternoon snack before heading on to see the birds.

Ryan was funny. As I was trying to get a picture of one of the birds from afar in the open air section he kept telling me there was another bird "over there." He kept getting more and more insistent and began yanking on my shorts. When I finally turned and look there was a 8 inch tall bird less than a foot from my feet. He was hopping around checking us out.

We made one final stop in the air conditioned fish area where the boys enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and finding Nemo and Dory.

Kevin on 3 day weekends

Kevin: 3 day weekends SUCK.
Me: Why?
Kevin: Because daycare is closed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We went to see the dinosaurs at the zoo on Sunday. Their last day was originally scheduled for Monday though they have since been extended until late October. Not that you would know it by the crowds of people at the zoo. The parking lot was sheer madness.

We were running a little late and wanted to make sure we got to see the dinosaurs so we went straight to the exhibit.

We had talked to the boys about seeing the Dinosaurs for several days before we went.

They were both super excited to go.

We had talked about how the Dinosaurs would be friendly dinosaurs.

And they couldn't wait to see them.

That is until they saw the first dinosaur.

The small little friendly looking baby herbivore.

And actually they were fine when they first saw him... It was when he made noises that it all went downhill... Fast.

Well, I should say it got bad for Ryan that is...

Connor didn't mind at all.

Connor wasn't even phased by the fact that their eyes followed him.

Or that they moved.

Or that their heads followed him as he moved.

Ryan went absolutely berserk.

His eyes got huge.

He was shaking life a leaf.

And was absolutely deathly afraid of all of them. And that was with the small not too terrifying ones!

Connor on the other hand pulled on my hand and dragged me from dinosaur to dinosaur.

"Mommy, go see next dinosaur!"


Connor loved the dinosaurs.

He truly seemed fascinated by them.

Ryan on the other hand was traumatized.

And that was even BEFORE he saw the T-Rex or anything else with giant teeth and massive pointy claws.

The T-Rex was amazing.
Tell me this isn't just a little a la Jurassic Park!?! :)
How would you like to meet that thing in the middle of the woods?

Connor loved him.

Connor loved every single one, except this one.
It spit water. And he didn't like that part at all though I am not sure why.

Ryan was so funny. Connor wanted to go a second and even third time. Ryan said he wanted to go again. Until he realized that again meant seeing the noise making dinosaurs again. At which point he decided he wanted no part of that plan...

But he was all over riding and posing on the non-moving, non-talking dinosaur.


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