Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scenes from the boys' First Aggie Game Day

After our soccer game and a quick lunch we changed and headed for Aggieland.  Thankfully we got to campus long before the game and found a parking spot next to the shuttle and the porta potties.  After checking out the coolest handicapped porta potty I have ever seen we waited a short while for the bus.  The boys were super excited to get to ride the bus.   So excited in fact that Ryan got to stay on the bus past the stadium drop off because we left the tickets in the car.  :)

Connor and I went on to pick up some Maroon Out Shirts and find a spot to watch the band and corps march in.

We even got to see Miss Reveille.

After watching the corps march in we grabbed a quick dinner and head up the 10 million ramps to our seats.

We found our seats on the 33rd row of 3rd deck (out of 38 rows... :)) in the Zone.  Somewhere around 25ish I began mumbling under my breath about how insanely far up we were and silently thinking that that was going to be an awful long way down for potty breaks...

Because with ginormous drinks in hand I knew it would't be long before someone started shouting.  :)

No, really, I can't imagine why he had to go potty.  4 times.  Especially not when I quite clearly said "That's enough!  Don't give him anymore, only to turn around and find him right back at it again.  :)

But before the game began the entire stadium stood up for the National Anthem and then the signing of the Spirit of Aggieland.  The boys stood looking around at all the crazy people just taking it all in.

And when it was time to "hump it!" they quickly assumed the same position as everyone else - Connor in particular caught on quick and didn't want to miss out on what everyone was doing.

After a short wait while we all got settled the football team raced out onto the field.

And the game was on.

The Aggies marched the ball down the field.

And scored to go up 7-0 much to the excitement of the Aggie fans.

During the game the boys were particularly excited to see the B-52 flyover.  We had seen the large plane(s) circling over the stadium earlier in the day wondering what they were.

We also discovered the best use for 12th man towels.

And the best way to appease the natives - feeding them. 

As it was an evening game we also got to enjoy (between plays of course) the beautiful sunset.

And watch the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.


We finally called it quits, up 37-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter around 10 pm with two tired little hooligans.

On the million mile walk on the way back to the car Connor managed to trip over his own two feet landing face first on cobblestones.  He got a nose bleed, two spit lips, and a slightly crooked tooth that luckily doesn't seem to be too much worse for the wear for his troubles.  Poor kiddo...

So other than the fact that the stadium now serves Pepsi (seriously!?!?!), and they now charge for parking (even in the boonies) Game Day was just as special as I remembered.  While the boys will probably be too young to remember their first game day in Aggieland I am really glad we got the opportunity to experience it with them and am looking forward to many more.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kicking off Fall with our 1st Aggie Game Day

What's more synonomous with Fall than Football?  We were lucky enough to catch a great deal on football tickets to last weekends A&M football game against Idaho.  In prepartion for the big day and the first "Show your School Spirt Day" at school I picked up some jerseys for the boys to wear.

And yes, Ryan is really that much taller than Connor.  :)  I keep telling him he better drink his milk and eat his spinach...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's that time, again.

It's officially fall, again.  Though you probably wouldn't know it if you stepped outside just yet.  We hope cooler temperatures will be just around the corner because we can't wait to get started on all those fun fall activities. 

Because it wouldn't be fall without a visit to the pumpkin patch...

Or a visit to the signing chickens...

Or a chance to find out just how much we've grown...

And to see if our feet will finally reach the pedals and stirrups...

Yep... There is a lot to look forward to this fall.


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