Thursday, June 16, 2011

Practicing our chopstick skills at DIM SUM

After swimming lessons we decided to head down to Bellaire to our favorite DIM SUM restaurant.

Every time we come I mean to bring rubber bands to keep the boys' chopsticks together so they can actually learn how to use the chopsticks the right way.  Because every time we come they insist on eating with the chopsticks instead of using a fork.  And just like every other time I totally forgot again.

Ryan has perfected the 1 stick eating method where he stabs his food kind of like a pick.  He's also a little dangerous... You have to watch out for his wildly waving chopsticks from time to time..

Connor on the other hand actually did a pretty good job of picking things up with both of his chopsticks this time.

He did surprisingly well given that he was eating with both his right and left hands.  Though we might just need to work on a that grip a little bit...

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