Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ryan's Second Swim Lesson

Noticing a trend around here?  Swimming, Swimming, more Swimming?

It was time for our second swim lesson today.  I was a little worried that the boys would be apprehensive given their repeated sentiments about not wanting to go back to swim lessons again.  And sure enough - the second the boys noticed that they missed the turn for our pool they began protesting.  By the time they were in the parking lot it of the swim lesson place it was getting to a fevered pitch.

While sorting out our registration we ended up needing to move Connor to a different time slot, which had the benefit that we would be able to watch both boys vs. having 1 in one pool and the other in the other and having to divide our time.  So Ryan was up first today.

Not surprisingly it got off to a bit of a rough start... Especially when the first thing up was putting goggles on and putting faces into the water to blow bubbles.  Needless to say, Ryan wasn't thrilled with this idea.

And it took him a while to move past that whole trust thing.  I can see how that might happen when you are convinced someone is out to drown you...

Even when they moved on to kicking practice Ryan wasn't so sure about all of this swimming lesson stuff...

Though before too long he warmed up to it again.  Though that might have had something to do with the dumbell to cling onto for dear life.  That and the fact that they quit trying to get him to put his face in the water...

So he kicked around and may have even managed to crack a smile in the process.

And then they tried to drown him again.  See??  Drowned rat look.  It was actually just a quick dunk, and he was surprisingly pretty okay with it.

So then they moved on to rescue skills where they practiced getting in and out of the pool.  Ryan did a great job of getting out all my himself.

And then the absolute biggest shocker of the day - the back float.  He relaxed and put his head all the way back into the water.  And before we knew it he was actually FLOATING!!  I think his instructor was as shocked as we were - check out that face. 

Seriously.  FLOATING.  All by himself.  For 30 seconds or so.  I was so amazed!

Way to go Ryan!

They finished up with some more swimming practice.  Ryan did a great job listening to instructions and doing what they asked him to do.

And he even got brave enough to put his face in the water for a few seconds.

Before the lesson was over Ryan had really warmed up to his evaluation instructor Scott.  So much so that we even checked to see if he had any openings in any of his classes.  But no such luck...

It was so nice to him all smiles when he came out of the pool to tell us all about his adventures in swimming.  Maybe this swim lesson stuff won't be so bad after all...

Ryan even got a really great report card!

Talking to Scott afterwards he said Ryan had done a great job - that he just needed to work on getting more comfortable with his face in the water.

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