Sunday, June 19, 2011

Connor's 2nd Swim Lesson

While Ryan was swimming, Connor made himself at home in the viewing room.  He read a book, watched people swimming, and played with some toys.   Then when Ryan's Swim Lesson was over he happily trotted off to begin his own.

Unlike Ryan, he looked like he was enjoying himself right from the start even though he had a new instructor this week.

He went right in without hesitation.

And kicked and kicked and kicked some more. 

Kevin even looked over at one point and exclaimed what a "great job Connor was doing" and how he "couldn't believe how much he had improved!" To which I responded "That's not Connor."

But this is... And look at those feet!  Look at those splashes!  Yea Connor!

Yes, sweetie... We are still here.  :)  Or yes, you little monster, I can still see you - don't get any ideas...

I don't think Connor ever stopped smiling during his entire lesson.  He choo-choo'd down the pool like a pro.

And did a great job getting out of the pool all by himself! 

And boy did he have fun sitting on the edge waiting his turn.  He spent the entire time splashing like a maniac practicing his kicking skills.

After his next turn his instructor made sure he was sitting with his feet out of the water, indian style, before he left with the other student.

When Connor returned the next time he climbed back up and waited until the instructor was distracted...

Then he started splashing in the puddle beside him.  "But you said no kicking!!  I wasn't kicking!!" 

Connor's group, as their last trick, also attempted the back float, though not quite as smoothly as Ryan or his partner.

"Are you trying to drown me!?!"

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