Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Candy Bars for Breakfast

Getting the boys into the bathroom to go potty first thing in the morning lately has been tough.  I don't know if it is that they aren't quite awake yet, or what.  But given they typically wake us up, not the other way around... Who knows.  Maybe it's just part of being 3. 

Speaking of which apparently times have changed, because the 2s?  Those were the Terrific Twos.  The 3's?  While they have their days they seem to be much more challenging than the 2s.  So I think that "Terrible" moniker should be more appropriately reserved for the 3s.  Just sayin..

Anyways... I digress... Morning potty time.... As the boys were attempting to crawl under the train table to hide from me this morning right after I announced it was potty time I decided to opt for bribery I mean positive incentives.  "A treat for the 1st one to go potty!!"  At the mention of the word treat they both popped up and made a mad dash for the bathroom.  Connor got there first, did his business, in the potty today (last night he was doing the potty dance at the front door and by the time I got the alarm turned off -10 seconds maybe?? - he had already yanked his pants down and was standing up peeing.  At the front of the potty.  In the floor.  The school potties are low enough to the ground that he can stand up like that.  The ones at home, not so much... And HOLY COW  it was a ALOT of pee.) and wandered off naked as a jaybird as I forgot to get their underway in my shock that they were voluntarily going to the potty without more coercing.  Gotta capitalize on those opportunities when they occur. 

Ryan waited for his turn all the while asking if he got a treat.  The kid is like a dog with a bone.  He never lets anything go.  Any answer short of yes, or no must be Magic 8 ball speak for Ask Again.  Now.  And Often.  For the record the only answer that doesn't result in more interrogation techniques that would make the KGB proud is "Yes."  So while doing his business he told me he was going to have a candy bar for breakfast.   To which I of course respond, no, you are not.  Getting aggravated with me, he says "Yes I am.  Daddy said I could have a candy bar for breakfast."  Mom:  [skeptical]  Somehow I doubt that's what he said... KEVIN!?!?

.... later sitting at the table...
Kev: "I didn't say candy bar.  I said cereal bar."
Ry: "I want a CANDY bar!"
Me: [opening one of the "cereal" bars....]  "Look Ry.  You were right.  It IS a candy bar."  [pointing out the mini peanut butter chips]  "See - it even has frosting."
Kev: "It does not."
Me: "Yes it does.  Look at it."
Kev: "Well, not much.  It's a CEREAL bar.  It's good for you."
Me: "I am sure it TASTES good to you."
Kev: "It has lots of FIBER." 
Me: [looking at the box/label]  "uh huh... "

Sure enough it says on the box - 40% of the recommended amount of daily fiber.  For an adult. I have no idea how long fiber takes to work it's magic.  But I am sure glad they are going to school today...

And in the spirit of full disclosure, they also had a handful of blueberries and bananas along with their "candy bar."  And I have to confess the "candy bars" were actually pretty tasty.  Though the boys thought they were a little sticky by which I think they meant more stick to your teeth -chewy.

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