Sunday, July 28, 2013

My new gadget

It's no secret I love gadgets.  :)  Out entire house is full of them in fact - from the kitchen's array of cherry pitters, potatoe ricers, and microwave bacon plates to the ridiculous number of electronics fighting for outlets and recharging space - the dueling Droid phones, the obscene number of HP touchpads, and now slates.  I think the only must have gadget of the last decade we haven't yet made the jump to is the kindle.  Call me old fashioned, but I still like paper books. 

Some gadgets of course have worked out better than others... like the #epicfail microwave egg boiler in which I have only managed to literally explode eggs. 

So yesterday, I skeptically, but giddlily none the less, made my way to the Container store to pick up another new gadget.  The Flipfold Jr.  I figured it would be a complete waste of time, but if there was any chance it could bring order to the never ending piles of kids clothes cluttering my laundry room it'd be worth it.  And after folding 4 laundry baskets full of clothes, I have to say I think this one is going to be a keeper. 

It really was quick and easy to use.  So much so that my kids fought over, and folded at least half the shirts.  You heard that right.  The kids - my two 5 year old boys - folded half the shirts.  All by themselves.   And I wasn't going behind them and refolding everything they "helped" with. 

From PJ sets, to shirts, to shorts it folded them all into neat little stacks that fit perfectly and easily into the cubbies we use to keep all their clothes in.  Though I am not sure I am going to be folding shorts with it in the near future (at least not until they get a little bigger) I will definately be pulling it out and folding, or turning it over to the kids to fold!, their shirts and PJs.  Essentially any of the shirts size 6, or youth XS and up it folded brilliantly.  It handled the majority of the size 5's as well, though some of the size 5T - tight PJ's in particluar - were too small in width, or too short in length to be folded properly.  Though as the boys have outgrown most of those sizes anyway it shoudln't be a problem for long.  I am shocked to say I am actually kind of looking forward to that next load of laundry for once and hope that I actually get to fold some of it - it was actually kind of fun!  :)


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