Thursday, June 23, 2011

Showboat Drive-In Movie Theater

Earlier this week as my coworkers and I were talking about the new Cars 2 movie coming out tomorrow I mentioned that some day I wanted to go to the Drive-In theater.  Some day when it wasn't so blisteringly hot and humid.  Like in November, maybe. 

There is actually a drive-in not too terribly far from us that we have passed a time or two leaving and coming back into town.  I briefly looked at their website and noticed there were several good movies that I wanted to see including Green Lantern and X-Men and that they had double headers each night for a whopping $5 per person.  I book marked the site and promptly forgot all about it given the current 100 degree weather streak.  However when the rain came around thanks to my threats of washing my car and my car read a cool 82 degrees at 6pm the idea immediately popped into mind that it would be a great time to go to the Drive-In. 

Checking their website I noticed that they had a Kung-Fu Panda 2 and X-Men First Class combination.  Talk about pefect.  We could take the boys and all watch Kung-Fu Panda.  And when it was over, we could put the boys to bed in the car and then Kevin and I could watch X-Men.  Just one of the benefits of always on the go adaptable kids who can sleep anywhere

So on the spur of the moment, we tossed our pillows into the back of the car and all piled in.  When we got to the theater we picked out a spot on the front row and got out to explore the soaked playground, and hilly parking lot on the way to the restrooms and concession stand.

We picked up our tub of popcorn and headed back towards our car.  When we got there the boys ran around on the play area with a dozen other kids waiting for the sun to set and the movie to start while we got everything situated in the back.  Ryan glanced up at one point and pointed out to us how pretty the colors of the sunset were.  He helped me take a picture of it on my cell phone.

I am actually surprised at just how well most of the pictures came out on my phone.  I took my camera only to pull it out and realize that I had left the memory card in my computer.  At home.  So I took several pictures with my phone instead.

When the movie finally started we turned the radio on the right station and piled into the back of the car in a mountain of pillows to watch. 

Before long Kevin, whom we made the mistake of letting lay down, had gotten comfortable and dozed off.  We had to wake him up a few times as his snoring got too loud.  The boys really enjoyed sitting with us and watching the movie.  They made it all the way to the end despite the fact that it was well past their bedtime.

When the second movie started the boys layed down on us and their pillows and were out cold in no time.  So not only did I get to watch a movie, I got some good snuggle time, too.  Talk about a perfect evening...

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