Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the Teachers

Of course the teachers needed something, too... I saw these adoreable marshmallow owl suckers at Walmart. I made a little tag to go along with them and tied it on with a ribbon. So cute. I wanted one. :)

The boys gave them to their teachers this morning. Connor was so happy to help deliver them. He tried so hard to give his to his teacher who was busy doing something else, but he didn't give up. He just kept trying. Stretching up on his tiptoes. So determined. So cute. Such a good little helper.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Easter Treats

When I dropped the kids off at school last week I saw sign-up sheets were up for the upcoming school Easter Party. Parents had volunteered left and right to cover everything except favor bags. Having done the Valentines' Day bags in February I decided to let someone else have a turn. Day in and day out over the next week I noticed the favor slot stayed open. Needing to grab some things to fill the boy's Easter baskets I thought I would keep an eye out while I was shopping to see if there was something I could do for school as well.

At lunch one day I found some pinwheels and marshmallow k-bobs that I thought would be perfect and easy. So I picked them up and put the boys' name on the sign-up sheet. I arranged everything in baskets and was all ready to go.

Then I made the mistake of going back to the store to pick up just one more thing for the kid's baskets.... Item after item jumped into my cart and before I knew it two items had grown into an entire goodie bag.

In addition to the pinwheel and marshmallow kbobs there were now Annie's bunnies, a 5 pack of sidewalk chalk, a box of jelly beans, a 4oz bottle of scented bubbles, and a three inch tall milk chocolate bunny. I couldn't wait for the kids to see them. :)

I had fun putting them together, and the looks on the kid's faces when they saw them and got to take them home was just priceless. I couldn't even get the boys to let go of them when we got to the car. Needless to say I think they were a big hit.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The things nightmares are made of...

I heard mumbling over the monitor last night around 12:30am. It was Ryan. I couldn't make it out at first. Then as he rolled over he was saying "No... No... NO!!!" He tossed and turned for a second then seemed to be sleeping more peacefully again. A few minutes later he started again. It was clear he was having some sort of nightmare. I went up to see if could comfort him and the second I rounded the corner to his crib before my eyes had even adjusted to the lack of light I could see something small flying towards me. He was in my arms in a second. And instantly his head was down on my shoulder in a hug. I sat down in the rocker and rocked him for a while wondering what kind of nightmares a 2 year old could have. He calmed down almost instantly and layed contentedly in my arms dozing. I eventually put him back down in his crib, covering him with his blanket and patting his back until he was asleep again.

Then this morning I heard Connor babbling and a minute or so later heard Ryan starting with the "No"ing again. I looked over to see Connor reaching through the bars and grabbing any part of a sleepy and groggy Ryan that he could reach. I suppose that might be the stuff nightmares are made of when are you 2... Having a hand reach out and pawing at you while you sleep. Poor Ryan...


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