Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Lost and Found

Apparently I have a whole host of pictures that got lost or forgotten for the last few weeks.  Like these... Taken at a park several weeks ago.  After Dim Sum.  At a park whose name should be etched in my memory forever, but that I can't recall for the life of me.

After eating Dim Sum at our favorite Chinese restaurant we headed further south looking for a park that we had passed before, but had never stopped at.  We found it easily and pulled in for a "quick stop."  We didn't intend to stay long thanks to the blistering afternoon heat.

Though no sooner had we left the car than we spied a man on a bicycle pulling an ice cream cart.  It didn't matter that the boys had just eaten their weight in dim sum.  We still chased down the ice cream cart parked conveniently right next to the playground.

And to further the point that these people are no fools - there is no small lettered "ice cream" sign on their carts.  Oh, no.  The whole cart is plastered with eye candy of all the treats contained inside.  A fact that the boys were thrilled with as they could simply point to the one they wanted.

They both chose Scooby Doo ice cream treats.  Which one did you get, Connor?  "SCOOBY DOOOOOO"

And they liked them for about 30 seconds as they tentatively licked at them.

And then the melting really started...  Their hands were covered.  It ran down their arms, and dripped on their shirts at which point Kevin and I became the designated treat holders.  Connor polished off about half of his before deciding it was too messy.  I polished off the rest reasoning that if I was going to have forever stained fingers I should at least have enjoyed some of it.  :)  And it was actually really good.

Thank goodness there were restrooms back by the entrance to the park, because after the fiasco of the melting ice cream cones we all needed a bath.  I washed Connor down as well as I could before heading to the car with hopes that wipes would accomplish more than the water had at getting the dark stains off.  And it did help.  His once bright moustache faded to just a hint of it's former glory.  So we grabbed a few more wipes and as I was picking up trash out of the back of the car Connor reached up and pushed the lift gate button.

Out of instinct I ducked and turned to get him out of the way.  Meanwhile the lift gate continued it's decent until it closed.  With the keys still sitting in the back.  I immediately reached for the button to open it back up.  And it didn't budge.  I checked my pockets for the keys in the hopes that I was wrong.  And then with a silent prayer checked the rear doors before moving on to try all the doors.  Each and every one locked.  With the keys sitting in the back right next to where Connor had been.

Luckily I ran into some park maintenance personnel who called a locksmith to come unlock the doors.  So as I waited and waited some more the boys played on the swings and in the shade.

The locksmith showed up about 45 minutes later and using blood pressure like cuffs thankfully had the door unlocked in no time.

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