Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Adventures

A couple of weeks ago a friend forwarded on information about a grand opening of 2 new spray pads in The Woodlands.  We thought the grand opening would probably be a bit crowded, so we decided to give it a couple of weeks and then check it out.  So last Sunday after the boys got up from their nap we picked up dinner and headed towards the park.

The boys love their new sunglasses, but we are still working on the "right way" to put them on...

Unfortunately my GPS didn't have the new park, the road the park was on, or really anything useful.  So we resorted to trying to look it up on the phone, but weren't having much luck.  We headed in the general direction and hoped for the best.  Luckily there was great signage and we managed to find it without too much trouble.

And when we got to the park we found the spray pad.  Only it wasn't on.  Despite it being during the advertised hours.  We thought surely it would just be a matter of finding the button, but try as we might we couldn't find a way to turn it on.

"Where's the water?!?!"

We were however able to find a nice picnic area and went ahead and sat down and enjoyed our dinner.

We made one more trip by the spray pad and looked again for a way to turn it on before giving up and heading towards the playground instead.

Once at the playground of course the boys went to the absolute hardest and craziest way to get to the top.

Because normal stairs would simply be too mundane.

Especially when they are super steep slides to climb up, too.

Even if they require a helping hand to get up.

The playground was actually pretty neat.  There were two play structures that were themed like tree houses.

And they had all manner of things to climb on.  And break your neck...

For the most part, as usual, the boys preferred the death defying stunts, but did humor us long enough to check out a few of the tamer things at the park.

Just long enough to lull us into letting our guards down.

And then... GERONIMO!!!

While all their limbs were still in tact we decided we had better quit while we were ahead.  So we opted to enjoy the nice evening and take a stroll down one of the paths.

We ended up making a nice loop through a neighborhood under construction.  We saw a gorgeous moon just beginning to peek above the tree tops and even a nice little pond with an island.

The boys enjoyed their romp down the paths.  We alternated between nice leisurely strolls to all out races which despite Kevin's heckling I actually won. 

With darkness setting in the boys were particularly excited about the lights on their new shoes.

So, while were disappointed that we didn't get to visit the spray pad (and thankfully hadn't changed into swim suits!) we did enjoy our visit to the park.

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