Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dive-in Movie at the Pool

On Saturday night we checked out The Woodlands Dive-in Movie at the Cranebrook Pool.  It was showing Despicable Me.  We hadn’t seen the movie before, but had heard lots of positive comments about it.  And from what I saw of it anyway, in between snack breaks, potty breaks, chasing Ryan around,  and sneaking away with Ryan to do the big slide a dozen or so times, it looked pretty funny.  Connor was entranced.  He sat in our laps watching the movie the whole time.   Belly laughing when the little yellow guys got conked with something or suffered other bodily injury.  We should totally be worried about that kid…

We got there right at 8pm and had about 30 minutes to play in the pool before the movie started. 

It was an awesome pool – I just wish they had left the spray stuff on for the first 30 minutes, but I am sure they turned it off because it would have been far too loud during the movie and would have drowned the people like us sitting in the beach entry.   

Even without it running the boys had a great time checking out the pool. 

They particularly enjoyed the family slide – despite the dunking at the end.  J

And then when it was movie time everyone gathered in front of the screen to watch the movie.

The boys picked out a nice spot in the middle of the beach entry.  Just deep enough to stay wet, but not too deep as to float away or drown.

It was perfect.  Getting to sit in the pool, splash and watch the movie?  How cool is that!?!

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