Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Family Party

Saturday we headed to Randy's house for his annual 4th of July party.  I always think it will be hard to top the previous year, but it was bigger and better than ever.  Randy and Diana really went all out decorating and getting everything ready.  And of course there were lots of family and friends to make it a great afternoon.

New this year was a Scooby Doo Bounce house.  Given the boys' recent fascination with Scooby Doo they were thrilled.

And had a great time bouncing, and running around on the playground, and bouncing some more, and running around some more... :)

We practically had to drag them in the house, despite the heat, for lunch.

After lunch, Kevin went upstairs with the boys to get them down for a nap.  When I went to check on them he was asleep, and the boys were still playing.  :)  They did eventually get to sleep, and when they woke up we enjoyed some time in the pool with their cousins before being chased in by lightening. 

Not that the boys minded too much.  Not when they got to watch a Scooby Doo Movie on Randy's big screen instead. 

Yep, it will definitely be hard to top this year.  Though maybe next year, Kevin or I one will actually take pictures of the women hanging out in the dining room, laughing and catching up.  Or the men out on the back porch enjoying the secret stash of Uncle Wayne's home made ice cream.  Or the epic water gun fight the kids and big kids alike had in the pool. 

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