Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flat sheets for cribs

I am sure there is some government mandated bedding PAC sponsored safety reason that no one appears to make flat sheets to fit cribs.  Probably to keep babies from suffocating or some such nonsense... :)  And when they are babies it really isn't a big deal.  You can suffocate I mean swaddle them snuggly with blankets.

However, when they are this age, good luck trying to swaddle them.  And in this heat they would bake under a blanket.  Thus the need for sheets...

Luckily Grannie found us a 2nd set of toddler bedding so that when we need to change the boys's sheets we don't have to race to get the beds stripped, washed, and dried before it's time for naps or bed.

When we first pulled the new bedding out a couple of weeks ago the boys volunteered to help me change their beds.  The first step of which was to relocate their mountain of toys to the corner so we could even find the bed.

Ryan piled all of his in the corner and made himself right at home.

"Mommy, take a picture of baby!!"

And of course once I had the new bedding on the bed he jumped right in.  "Look Mommy!  I am going to put baby back in my bed."

When we were done with Ryan's bed since Connor had further to go to get all of his toys to the corner Ryan decided to help him by taking his toys out of his bed and tossing them from one side of the room to the other.

Connor sat in the floor by the corner catching them and bundling them up into a pile.

It was so cute and so funny to watch them.

And when were were done with Connor's bed Connor carried all his animals back to his bed.

Though where he was going to sleep after he piled them all in was questionable...

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