Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sherlock Holmes and the case of Google Maps

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (my mother and I) together were able to date – to a few hour window! – when the Google Satellite passed over our house.

The evidence:

Exhibit A. Satellite Map of our house from Google Maps.

The clues:
  • The only visable trees in the picture are the evergreens. The deciduous trees throughout the yard haven’t yet fully leafed out, but the grass is showing signs of green suggesting early Spring (Feb-Apr 2011)
  • There is a rather large swing set in our backyard. It was installed Feb 18th of 2011. (18th of Feb – April 2011)
  • There are monkey bars on said swingset which it didn’t have until Feb 25th. (25th of Feb – April)
  • There is a blue jeep in the driveway. It was sold March 30th. (25th of Feb – 30th of March)
  • There is NOT a wooden kids picnic table in the picture. It was added March 19th. (25th of Feb – 19th of March)
  • There is a large suspicious cardboard box in the front driveway. It contained a patio table. I unloaded the table box out of the UHAUL truck the afternoon of March 9th. The box was set out for the garbage man March 17th. (March 09-17th).
  • There is a white motor home in the front driveway. We had company for the boys’ 3rd Birthday party. They arrived March 10th and left March 15th. (March 10-15th).
  • The shadows indicate that this picture was taken in the afternoon. Our company arrived late the evening of March 10th and left early the morning of March 15th (March 11th – 14th)
  • On March 12th the red car was at Moody Gardens for the boys’3 birthday party from early morning until after 11pm. (March 11th, 13th, 14th)
  • On the morning of March 13th the white motor home left and didn’t return until the 14th. (March 11th or 14th)
  • The sandbox in the back yard is missing it’s cover meaning someone played in it that afternoon and the patio table box is unopened. The table was opened and assembled on March 13th.
So, my dear Watson when you have elimiated the impossible, whatever remains, must be the truth.  Ergo this satellite image of our house was taken the afternoon of March 11th.

And given pictures like this… Taken March 19th at 12:45pm with the shade line in the same place as the photo...

I think it's safe to say it was taken in the early afternoon probably between noon and 2pm.

It is actually funny that we have always been able to pin point within about a weeks time when the satellites and street cars have passed our house.

Satelite passings:
  • 1st time was during framing of the 2nd story of our house - about a 4 day span before the roof went on.
  • 2nd time was right after we bought a slide for the boys - it only sat in that particular spot for about a week before it was moved.
  • And now, this is the 3rd time.
And for street passings: 
  •  1st time they had just started framing the second story.
  • 2nd time (currently) - the storks were in our yard from when the boys were born.
  • 3rd time (not yet up!) - I saw the google car driving through our neighborhood on June 27th around 4pm.

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