Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scenes from the 4th: Daddy's Little Helpers

While we were playing outside Kevin got out a shovel and some shears to try to tame some of the weeds gone crazy in our backyard. 

Ryan found the shovel laying in the grass and immediately picked it up.

"Look, Daddy!  I will help you!"

They started with a sun flower.  We have no idea how his came to grow in our yard, but I have sure enjoyed the blooms.

Kevin decided we had better get it down before it goes to seed and we have hundreds of them in our yard next year.  Though I was a bit undecided as to whether or not that would be a bad thing.

As soon as the plant was out, Ryan took the opportunity to pull off one of the flowers.  He was super sweet and offered it to Connor before deciding to renig ad keep it for himself.

Thinking that was a good idea, I asked Kevin to cut a few for me, too.  That way I could enjoy the blooms for a few more days.

I loved the splash of color in the kitchen.

The boys then moved on to a wisteria. 

The boys were big helpers - taking the clippings and putting them in a big pile.

They raced to see who could put more in their pile the fastest.

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