Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scenes from the 4th: Hotdogs in the Park

What's better than hotdogs in the park?

Umm... when it's a 100 degrees on the 4th of July??  Hot dogs in the shade of the pavilion in the park?

And maybe giant lemonades to go with them.

With buttons to push.  Don't forget the buttons.

And then of course being turned loose in the park AFTER the hotdogs.  And lemonade.

Because nothing beats the swings.

Especially when you get so high all we can see is your feet.  And your future need for orthopedics....

And racing.  Because they boys LOVE to race.  First one to the swings wins.  First one to the cars wins.  First one to get their car around the track wins.

First one up the rock wall wins... Wait... How about we try that one one at a time.

First one down the slide wins.  Go Connor go!!

Kevin got in on the racing action, too. 

But they left him in the dust.

To slide down the baby slide.  Last. 

Smart kids.  This slide clearly was not designed for adult proportions.  :)

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