Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ringling Bros Circus: The First Half

The circus was absolutely AMAZING.

The show started off with a singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  A single elephant made it's way around the arena.  It's rider carrying an American flag.

Then there was a singing, dancing, parade of entertainers.

And like the rest of the show, one thing progressed directly to the next.

I enjoyed watching the grace of the ring entertainers.  Connor on the other hand was more impressed with his popcorn and the swimming fish on the screens.

Then the tumbling guys came out.

I couldn't believe how much height they got on their flips and how they managed to land flawlessly on the itty bitty narrow boards.

While we were watching the tumbling on the far side of the stage, the tigers were taking their place center stage all beneath our notice.  When the lights shifted focus they were just suddenly there.

I have to confess - we were really anticipating the tiger show, but were a little disappointed. 

The tigers were a little less than cooperative, and the trainer talked the entire time, but rarely in English so it was hard to tell what they were supposed to be doing.

The best part actually came when they had sent most of the tigers back to the back and he only had one or two left and they did a few tricks.  Kevin still wasn't terribly impressed.  He asked what happened to the days where they stuck their head in the tiger's mouth!?!

Connor's favorite part (other than the elephants of course) were when the music was blaring and they were signing and dancing.  He had a good time dancing along in his seat. 

Kevin on the other hand was particularly impressed with this show.  That is a woman on the bottom.  In HIGH HEELS.  She lifted her partner throughout the show several times.  I can't even imagine how...

We kept glancing from one end to another to see what the various groups would do next.

As they flowed gracefully from one position to the next.

It was really beautiful.

And of course they had the classic guy who walked on broken bottles and hot coals.

And what we thought was a single person in a cube turned out to be 3.  Kevin looked away for a second and when he looked back he supprisedly ask if all 3 of them had come out of that little box.

Then there was the highwire act.  While they managed to walk 2 & 3 high, and balanced on top of balls it was a little slow paced for the boys and they began to get a little restless.

The next act however was not.

The motor cycle act was one of our absolute favorites.  They started off with I think 4 riders in the cage.  And turned the lights out to where all we could see well were the glowing parts of their costumes as they zoomed around.

They eventually progressed all the way to 7 people.  In the cage.  On motorcycles.  Inches away from one another.  I can't even imagine the timing required to make it all work as they circled high and low and even did a crossing pattern at one point.  Talk about concentration and practice!

About halfway through the show there was a short intermission to let folks stretch their legs, visit the restroom, concessions, and souvenir stands.

During which we did a little clowning around of our own... :)

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