Monday, July 4, 2011

Easy Breezy Saturday

Last week Kevin and I were both commenting that we had taken it easy and had a pretty quiet weekend.  So this is apparently what a quiet, relaxed weekend is around our house:

We started the day off with swim lessons - where Connor was actually doing a pretty good job of floating. 

Afterwards we ran by the house and picked a few things up before heading off to lunch at Pappasittos.

Or at least Kevin was headed off to Pappasittos - the boys and I were waiting on the train.

And waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more...

After lunch as the boys and I headed back home to take a nap while Kevin headed into work to help some of the guys clean out the lab.

When he got home we asked the boys if they wanted to go for a walk (thinking of the Cypress Creek Hike and Bike Trail) or go to the pool.  Of course the answer was that one of them wanted to go to the pool and the other one wanted to walk. 

So to keep everyone happy we told the boys they could run the mile to the pool.  By themselves.  Because it was seriously hot out there.

Just kidding.  I sent Kevin along for a hike as well while I drove in the comfort of my airconditioning.

Once I got to the pool I walked over to the trail.  And I waited... Keeping anxious eyes peeled on the path waiting to catch my first sight of them.

Eventually, off in the distance they came into view.

And Ryan saw me waiting and took off RUNNING!

And boy was he fast.

With Connor and Daddy bringing up the rear.

Speedy eventually came running up, too.  :)

So of course when we got to the pool it was adult swim time.

So we finished putting sunscreen on and got the boys all suited up and ready to go.

And the second the whistle blew they were off!

Racing to the slide.

Zooming down.  And doing it all over again.

They also checked out the mushroom.

And every single water fall or spray zone there was.

Stopping only long enough to eat some snacks as a 2nd adult swim time was called.

But they were ready to jump back in the second the whistles sounded again.  Almost an hour later with closing time rapidly approaching we finally managed to lure them out of the pool with promises of pizza.

So with everyone loaded back up into the car we headed to Pizza Hut to place our to go order.  After getting our order placed we headed to the car show conveniently located around the corner.

Walking through the parking lot on the way there Connor stopped next to this beauty to take a look at it.

Kevin was speechless.  I got quite a laugh out of it.

We did eventually make it over to the actual car show to see some of the cars actually in the show.

Ryan was in hog heaven.  He did an amazing job naming all kinds of cars ranging the gamut from vintage to brand new.

There were lots of cars, and motorcycles, too.

Connor excitedly pointed out all the yellow cars to Ryan - "LOOK RY there is a YELLOW one!"

And Ryan practically vibrated with excitement at each new row as he drug Kevin from car to car - "Look, Daddy!  That's a ____."   And "Let's go look at this one, Daddy!"

After seeing most of the cars we made our way back to Pizza Hut to pick up our pizza. 

By the time we got home, ate our pizza and finally headed off to bed it was well past the boys' bedtime.

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