Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ringling Brothers Circus: The Second Half

It started off with an elephant.  And a dog.  And a cowboy.

And when it was over Kevin asked "What was that?  Surely that's not all of the elephants?"  And Ryan chanted something about "elephants on parade!"  I have no idea.  Something to do with Clifford?  The big red dog?  Must be a school thing.

And the cliche clown car with a million clowns inside.

Ryan could have cared less about the clowns.  He just liked the car.

We "ooh'd" and "ahhh'd" at the trapeze show.  The boys wanted to swing, too.

When we first told the boys we were going to the circus they asked what they would see at the circus.  They wouldn't be placated with vague I don't knows, and I guess we'll find outs so backed into a corner I assured the boys there would be elephants.  Because no self-respecting circus could have a show without elephants, right?? 

Ryan was so excited - "ELEPHANTS ON PARADE!!!"

And Connor?  Well, you know he likes anything with animals.  His little eyes were glued to the elephants the entire time.

The box of popcorn set aside, totally forgotten.

As the elephants performed a variety of tricks.

It was definitely one of the highlights of the show.

I also really enjoyed the pirates.  Though I missed the plot part at first where they were singing, dancing, and fighting over the gold.

But the see-saw jumps were awesome.

And man did they get some air.

Speaking of air... we were a little startled as the motor cycle engine roared to life and sailed almost directly over our heads.

Connor loved it.  He waved goodbye to them as they headed back down the wire.  And was excited to see them make several encores back up the line over our heads.

And then there was the last act (and part of the grand finale).  The jumping people.

They reminded me a lot of the Lion King act at Disney World with their bright, crazy costumes, and amazing trampoline skills.

I really enjoyed watching them.

And was really impressed how in sync they were.

And how they managed to flip through those itty bitty little rings.  At the same time.  Wow.

And the glitter bomb, singing, dancing grand finale was a perfect ending to the show.

Though of course we had our own show/spectacle on the way to the parking lot.  :)  It was the "strong man" wrestling midgets.  :)

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