Monday, July 4, 2011

Cars 2: The Movie Mania

To say that we were excited about seeing Cars 2 is like saying Mt. Everest is just a little hill that anyone could climb.  We had been waiting for WEEKS.... It was torture!  Though not nearly as much as the next few months are going to be waiting for it to come out on DVD.

We made plans to see the movie with the boys' friend Dean from school on Sunday.  So when Sunday morning came around we broke out some of the new cars stuff to celebrate.

From reading the books the boys already knew most of the characters and already had their favorites.  Connor really liked Holley Shiftwell.

Ryan liked Finn McMissile.

They were really excited to see the new cars and couldn't wait to break them out of their packages.

After breakfast we decked the boys out in their new Cars 2 shirts and headed to the theater.

We had planned to see the first showing of the day.  So when we got to the theater about 30 minutes before showtime I asked the attendant if the theater was open or if there was a line so we could get in line to get good seats.  He looked at me a little oddly, but indicated that the theater was seating and we could go on in.  We sent Kevin off to get popcorn and the boys and I headed in to find our seats.  We were the first ones in the entire giant theater.

After a good chuckle we took our time picking out good seats a few rows up in the middle of the theater.

The boys tried out a couple of seats like Goldilocks before deciding which ones they wanted to sit in.

And then we sat down to wait as other people slowly began to file in.

Someone else grabbed a booster seat that we had until then previously not noticed so we went down and got some for the boys.  Soon after Dean and his parents Robin and Kurt joined us.  The boys all sat together and "posed" for a picture.

Before too long the movie or should I say the previews started... There were 30 minutes worth of previews including a Toy Story short.  The boys were starting to get a little anxious asking when the movie was going to start, but plied with more popcorn waited patiently.

Once the movie began Ryan never even twitched.  He was glued to the screen.  Connor lasted about an hour and half before he began to fidget.  He lost interest towards the end before the final unveiling of the mastermind.  Though when plied with more treats continued to sit and watch.

We all really enjoyed the movie, and before we had even exited the theater the boys began their requests to "see it again!"  And "watch it when we get home!"  Yes... It is indeed going to be a very long wait...

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