Saturday, April 10, 2010

Willow and Wyatt's Birthday Party

We went to Willow and Wyatt's 2nd Birthday party this weekend. The weather wasn't terribly cooperative. It rained on and off for the first hour - just enough to get everything a little wet. Which of course means that the boys got absolutely soaked as they played on first one wet thing then another. Then with the rain clouds parting way to sunshine the boys sought out the left-over puddles where they could just for good measure. Connor tried out the slide on the jumper. I am not sure if going down headfirst was intentional or not, but he seemed to enjoy it either way.

Ryan had to try it out, too. Though the first time at least he slid classic style instead of his signature on the tummy method.

The boys jumped inside the jumper as well. Or I should say they ran around pretending to jump and were running around, crashing to ground, giggling then hopping up to do it all over again. I would say white boys can't jump, but there were several other white boys and girls like Jadon and Willow getting plenty of air.

So apparently it is just our children who are vertically challenged. Not that this is the first time that it has come to my attention. I have seen the other kids at school hopping to a song and noticed that the boys' hopping could use some practice. They haven't quite figured out the whole two feet at a time thing.

They also loved the bazillion bubble machine. Though it didn't take them long to prove why it was labeled 3 and up. When they weren't chasing bubbles they wouldn't stop trying to stick their fingers into it.

Connor especially liked the swirl of bubbles all around him.

Ryan was being a little camera shy and was at least initially hesitant to get to close.

He soon got distracted by the GIANT bubbles one of the other parents was making with a bubble wand. They were some of the biggest, coolest bubbles I have ever seen.
Half a dozen toddlers raced up as the father of one of the boys would start blowing the bubbles then the kids would all race off after them trying to catch and pop each and every one.

Once they had popped them all they would run back to do it all over again. They were so funny to watch especially when the bubbles floated just a little out of reach.

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