Sunday, April 11, 2010

A picnic

What better way to spend a beautiful day than to picnic in the park and feed the ducks? We were in somewhat of a hurry and looking for something close and easy before we headed out in search of bluebonnets. We stopped by McDonalds and picked up a quick lunch to enjoy in the park.

Connor helped by carrying the bread to the table.

As soon as we stopped at the table the ducks made a b-line for us. Maybe they remembered us from a previous visit. :) The ducks waited expectantly as we unpacked our lunch and eventually took the hint that their snacks would have to wait until after the boys ate their lunch. Ryan kept a close eye on the ducks while he ate.

After the boys finished their lunch and helped clean up the table and tossed all the trash we broke out the loaf of bread. Ryan charged towards the ducks who were milling around nearby shouting "Ducks! I HAVE FOOD!!" The ducks were either so frightened they were paralyzed in place or they are accustomed to excited children bearing food as they stood by and waited for him to toss his loot before running back to get more.

Connor is much more particular about his duck feeding than Ryan. Ryan's goal is to throw as much food in the general direction of the ducks as fast as possible. Connor on the other hand picks out a duck to feed and throws his food to the particular duck and then waits and watches for the duck to eat it before running back for more.

Ryan's tossing method is a bit more exuberant than Connor's, too. He excitedly tosses the bread any way he can. He's been known to practically knock himself over with the repercussions of his excited throws.

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