Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Baskets

When I first started picking things up for the boys' Easter baskets I had decided that I wanted to make bags/baskets for all the little kids at the family Easter gathering. I blame a variety of things for the temporary insanity including but not limited to the pinwheels, the bubble wands and the cutest girls baskets I think I have ever seen. Not to mention all those Easter goodies that I remember enjoying as a kid that were labeled age 3+. Especially the ones that came conveniently in packages that would leave me an extra or two. :)

Tonight I assembled all the bags/baskets. I think they turned out pretty darned cute. I especially liked the boys' (in their Lillian Vernon personalized baskets that I got for them last year that look surprisingly like new given they are white and were dragged through the dirt, pine needles, and leaves galore last year.)

I also thought the little girls' baskets (see what I mean?? Why didn't I have a girl??) were just precious.

The boys got little race cars instead of baskets. I thought they would appreciate them more. :)

So now that I have got the baskets out of the way I suppose it is time to figure out what we need to dye some eggs tomorrow...

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