Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whiling away a Sunday afternoon

We stopped by one of the parks in Brenham. It was a big park with jogging trails that meandered alongside old trees - their canopies hanging overhead. There were several wooden bridges that spanned a small creek, or gave safe passage past drainage paths.

The boys were eager to explore and would run ahead down the path stopping to gather rocks or coming back to get more snacks.

Though still only moderately cooperative, they posed for a picture or two.

We couldn't pass up this old oak tree. It's crooked mis-shapen branch hanging at perfect height for a perch. I imagine hundreds of children have ventured off the path to crawl up it's branches hanging so near the ground.

After we had made a long circuit of the park we headed back to the car. We had passed another park along the way with a bright play area and decided to stop back by. We turned in and drove past the indoor carousel and large pavilion heading to the parking lot in the back. Off the trail was the "new playground." There was a giant fake rock perfect for climbing off to one side. There were stairs, and platforms, bridges, and slides. Even a rolling pipe slide that moved surprisingly fast.

There was also a small merry go round. Connor watched the big kids then hopped on and insisted on being spun both standing and sitting.

While we were there a train came by on the elevated track just behind the playground. Ryan was riveted. He watched the engine, then cars pass on by. The loud whistle that had tooted as it passed continued to blow off frequently off in the distance.
After a while we headed to the other playground - the one visible from the road. Ryan passed right on by the toddler area and headed to the highest, biggest slide of them all. Connor chose the tamer variety nearer the pavilion which afforded me a view of the dancing class in progress. 8 to 10 couples practiced some sort of dance in the middle of the large pavilion.

We eventually convinced the boys to head back to the car to go in search of dinner. After driving around downtown and doing a little window shopping we headed to K-bobs for dinner. As we were leaving we made a stop by the ice cream place for a double dip of fresh Bluebell ice cream made just down the road.

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