Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter: Part I - Just Hanging Out

Kevin's family gets together the Saturday before Easter to eat, catch-up, and hunt Easter eggs.

Kevin was supposed to be "helping" the boys with their food while I got my plate. Apparently however that didn't translate into either teaching them not to try to eat the skin of the cantaloupe or cutting the skin off so they couldn't eat it. Poor Connor took a bite and decided the cantaloupe was a bit on the tough side. :)

Ryan hung out with Grandma for a while and checked out her bag of goodies. He would get one of something, play with it for a minute, and then go find Connor to give him one, too. What a sweet brother.

The boys had to explore everything. They made a game out of running up the stairs on one side of the cabin, racing to the other side, and then tromping down the stairs again.

They also couldn't get enough of the golf cart. Leave it to Ryan to find all the "cars."

We thought about getting the boys a motorized Jeep, but this exactly how I figured the driving would work. :) We didn't think it would be safe for the pedestrians.

Grandpa made the boys Easter baskets again this year.
Connor wants Grandpa to adopt Amazon's easy opening philosophy for any future baskets. Despite trying valiantly to get into two or three things he couldn't manage to get into the packaging. Not that I thought that was a bad thing. :)

Ryan had a good time coloring the sidewalk with some chalk. He would scribble a little then kept sliding down for more open canvas. Only he kept scooting over his work so by the time he got up he was covered in chalk. Someone patted his butt and chalk dust went flying everywhere.

As usual the boys kept us entertained. They are such goofballs sometimes.

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