Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter: Part II - Hunting Eggs

While the guys were hiding eggs Debbie had a great idea to keep the kids busy with cookie decorating and egg dying. The kids each got two egg shaped sugar cookies to frost, paint with color, and then cover in a variety of sprinkles. Then they got to make designs using a white crayon on the eggs before dipping them in various colors of their choice.

I never know who has more fun - the guys hiding the eggs or the kids who get to hunt them. Though I have to say the guys were nicer in their egg hiding this year than in some years past. Not that they didn't do devious things like hiding the blue eggs in amongst the bluebonnets such that even having been told that there were still two there it took the boys and I awhile to find them. Or hiding them in trees, or high up on the beams of the cabin.

Thanks to Robyn and Cheryl the three little ones had their own little area where the eggs were much easier to find.

Ryan had quite the haul as he ran from egg to egg picking them up.

Connor took things at a slower pace and had to finish off his marshmallow treat (by stuffing the entire thing into his chipmunk cheeks) before he freed up a hand to get started.

Ryan's filled his entire bag and insisted on carrying it himself lest anyone steal his eggs. :)

Connor spent more time wandering around watching the goings on, playing with the leaves, and attempting to de-head the bluebonnets.

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