Friday, April 2, 2010

Holidaze Part III - Ryan's Eggsellent Adventures

Connor must have been pretty popped as even Ryan's insistent squawking to get up didn't wake him up. So while Connor napped Ryan helped me set up the table to dye some eggs. We covered the table with paper. And filled the cups with water.

Then we put in the color tablets and waited for them to dissolve. After a little stirring to speed the process along we added some vinegar and gave them a final stir.

And with that he was off - gently (mostly) dropping eggs into the containers one by one.

Then pulling them up to see how the coloring process was coming along as we waited patiently for the 5 minute timer to sound.

Once it went off Ryan pulled them out, one by one, and set them onto the drying tray.

With the first batch safely drying we went back inside to count out 5 more into our bowl. Ryan held the container and counted as I added eggs one by one. Then he carried them back out to the dying station to start the process all over again.

As the second eggs were soaking in their color baths Ryan picked out eye and mouth shapes to decorate his eggs a la Mr. Potatoe head style.

Just as we were finishing up the 2nd batch we heard Connor stirring. We snapped a quick pic of some of Ryan's masterpieces and went to get him.

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