Friday, April 2, 2010

School Holiday

Good Friday was a school holiday, though it wasn't a work holiday. Kevin and I took the day off to entertain the kids. Since it was a weekday several play places were open and had open play hours. We decided to visit the jump place that the boys had gone to on their birthday.

After a snack the boys dove right into the jumpers even managing to get up some of the bigger slides all on their own.

Connor had a great time in the obstacle course again. He even convinced me to get in and give it a try until I fell down and was laughing so hard I couldn't get up.

I would say Ryan twisted Kevin's arm to get him into the jump castle, but if anyone was twisting arms it was probably Kevin as I think he had as much if not more fun than Ryan did in there.

Ryan checked out everything from the obstacle courses, to the slides, and even the playhouse. He wasn't the least bit daunted by any of it.

After Kevin and I were exhausted and the energizer bunnies were doing nothing but kamikaze dives off the big kids slide we decided to call it a morning and stopped by one of the boys' favorite restaurants to check out the train and the wildlife.

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