Friday, April 2, 2010

Holidaze Part VI - Quack, Quack.

I have been promising the boys for several days that we would go feed the ducks again soon. So at the mere mention of ducks they came running, put their shoes on, and even stood still while we strapped their helmets on. Once they saw the wagon they couldn't wait to crawl in.

They really enjoy their wagon rides. It's always a grand adventure. Then again, what's not to like? Who wouldn't like to be chauffeured around?

The boys looked so cute in their helmets and never fussed once about having to wear them.

When we got to the pond only two ducks headed our way. So Ryan and I grabbed a few pieces of bread and headed off to find the ducks and tell them that we had food. Ryan grabbed a handful and chased the ducks around shouting "I have food!"

Though at a safe distance, the ducks followed us back to where Connor was already feeding those who had stopped by. He was so funny. He would throw bread down and then stand by it watching and waiting for a duck to eat it. If a duck didn't snatch it up pretty quickly he would pick it up and run back towards a duck and throw it near him again.

Connor was just debating picking up this piece when the duck decided that he would be brave enough to get it.

Once the bread was gone the boys practically jumped back in the wagon for another ride. Kevin took them for two laps around the pond before we finally headed back home.

When we got home the boys wanted to help carry in the mail. They were so excited to find Easter cards from Grannie that were actually addressed to them. Ryan kept pointing out the ducks on the outside of the envelope.

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