Sunday, April 11, 2010

In search of bluebonnets

It's that time of year again here in Texas. Bluebonnet season. Every year untold numbers of people venture out from the cities into more rural locals enjoying the profusion of bluebonnets lining the highways. It isn't unusual to see cars pulled over along the side of the highway snapping pictures amid the wildflowers.

We joined the hordes and made our pilgrimage this weekend. Last year the flowers out 290 were just stunning so we opted to head out that direction this year. It was either too early, too late, or just not our luck as the fields were few and far between. In fact the first big patch we saw was heralded by a sea of break lights that brought all the lanes of traffic along the freeway to a crawl as cars pulled off others merged back in. I thought at first it must have been a massive fender bender, but as we neared the hillside looked almost like an erupting ant farm with people dotting the landscape moving here and there.

We continued on looking for a place a bit further from the road and perhaps a bit less popular. We finally settled on a field near Chappel Hill that was covered in yellow flowers on one side and bluebonnets on the other.. Connor cooperated for all of two minutes before he decided that attempting to de-head or trample the flowers was more to his liking. Ryan, who was apparently woken unceremoniously from his nap just cried. And cried some more.

We thought we might have better luck with the bluebonnets, but before long it was apparent that we might as well call it quits and move on to other things. Pictures just weren't in the cards.

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