Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visiting the Houston Zoo

When we went to the zoo this past weekend the top thing on our agenda was to see the dinosaurs before we (or the dinosaurs) melted in the hot summer sun.

So once we finally made our way inside after the hunt for a parking space, and the hike from the parking lot we beelined for the dinosaurs.  Only stopping once or twice to see exhibits along the way.

Like the giant bird statue.   Where Connor demonstrated his method of determining if something is alive or not... At least he didn't poke it with a stick...

And of course no trip with kids or Kevin would be complete without a detour to the restroom.  I even commented on our way in that we should find a restroom first.  But in the excitement of getting to see the dinosaurs completely forgot once we were inside the gates.  So we made it all the way to the entrance to the dinosaurs before the boys started shouting that they needed to go potty.

And Murphy's Law - there was no restroom in sight.  So we trekked all the way to the food court in search of one.  Past the ducks.  And giant turtles.  I am pretty sure these two are twins.  I would recognize that brotherly love just about anywhere.

Of course we did eventually make our way in to the see the Dinosaurs.

Afterwards we set off in no particular direction - without a map - to see the rest of the zoo.  Including the napping cats.

And the bears... Before stumbling on a new section of the zoo we hadn't seen before - the African Safari.  Of which we thought they did an awesome job.

We watched the video - though with the reflection of the sun off the monitors listened might have been a more apt description and then headed in after Tommy.

We found his crashed plane, and crudely constructed base camp.

And the notes he left behind.

We followed his signs from area to area keeping an eye out ...

We checked out the huts in the village like Goldilocks looking for the perfect fit.

And affirmed that lack of rhythm definitely runs in the family...

By the time we made it to the chimp viewing area the sun was absolutely brutal and the air conditioned viewing room was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Connor enjoyed the "cold rocks" so much that he was loathe to leave.

Though if we had stayed we would have missed the best discovery yet of our trip to the zoo.

Just past the rhino pen.

The Twiaga terrace.  As I mentioned previously the food wasn't anything to write home about, but it was edible and other than drinks reasonably priced.  But the best part of all was the view (and airconditioning!  Did I mention it must have been 100 degrees!?!?).

The patio on one side looked out on to the rhino enclosure.

While the other side boasted views of the giraffes.

Hungry giraffes.  With astonishingly long tongues.  Practically within an arms reach.

Despite the scorching heat after we had cooled off some we opted to finish our lunch out on the thankfully shaded patio where we were able to keep an eye on the giraffes.

The boys loved it!  And their mom thought it was pretty awesome, too.  :)

Afterwards we followed the signs over to the children's zoo.  By way of the splash pad of course.

I had debated bringing the boy's swim suits, but decided the quick drying outfits would be more comfortable in the long run.

The boys got absolutely drenched.  And loved every second of it.

Afterwards we headed deeper into the Children's Zoo where the boys pushed every single button of every single sound machine we passed.  And we passed quite a few.... :)

They also had to try out every single climbing play thing we came across.  Even if their parents couldn't read that whole 48" minimum height requirement sign...

Having had enough of the heat at that point we decided to make one final pass by the dinosaurs and then head home.  The exit was in sight when I remembered the fish. 

The air conditioned fish exhibit.  So we made one last stop.

And it was a good thing we did - or we would have missed the photo op with the t-rex.  :)

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