Friday, July 20, 2012

Forgotton Foto Friday

Way back when ... like when it was cold enough to wear pants, long sleeves, and coats.  And the boys were still 3... And I still couldn't find my camera (all pictures in this post are compliments of Kevin's memory card)....

We went to catch Miss Emilys' last high school basketball game.

And I don't know what people are feeding these kids, but they are seriously TALL.  At 5'8" it is unusual that I feel short in group of women, but I felt like a midget surrounded by Amazons.

We watched some of the game.

But mostly we were up to shenanigans.

And exploring the field house.

And polishing off as much popcorn as is humanly possible.  Even if it didn't belong to us.  Thanks for sharing Mr. Larry!  :)

And when it was over we started running drills.

And then sprints, laps, and lines.

Until Connor had to be picked up and carried because he just couldn't move anymore.

And tell me this wouldn't have been the cutest picture?  Except for that whole flash blinding thing.. :)

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