Friday, July 13, 2012

Build the Ark - we are going to need it.

This is what Faulkey Gully (just above where it feeds into Cypress Creek) is supposed to look like (as taken May 12, 2009).

This is what Faulkey Gully looked like April 28, 2009.

I am pretty sure we went though a time warp, because I can't even articulate how EXACTLY the same it looked today at lunch. 

Water came within inches of the bottom of the bridge.  Cypress Creek passed flood stage.  Roads are flooded.  Roads are closed.  Lights were out.  People couldn't get out of the neighborhoods to make it in to work this morning.  Some of those who did weren't sure how they were going to make it home tonight.  As inches more rain dropped steadily for hours today.

Knock on wood - we are still high and dry.  And even through weeks of April showers, tropical storms, and even hurricanes we have always stayed that way.  Our roads are clear - not even puddles.  Our giant water sheds however look like newly created ponds, more than half full, missing only their water fountains.  We also noticed on our way home that the long fifth fairway surrounded by a hilly rough now boasts a wicked pond running probably 200 yards to the dogleg.

While I haven't checked the forecast I hear we are anticipating several more days of rain...  Hopefully we will continue to float...

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