Friday, July 27, 2012

The boy who colored himself pink

We spent last Saturday afternoon hanging out with the boys' friend Dean.  We swam until we were pruned.  And I do mean swam.  Ryan wouldn't even consider putting his life jacket on despite the fact he spent at least half the time out in the deep end.  He did an awesome job swimming!

When we finally convinced them to get out and "take a break" for a while they instead opted to chase one another around the yard with dump trucks and other construction vehicles and then take turns driving Dean's tractor until they flat out wore the battery out.  

Connor's driving hasn't improved much since last time, either.  The kid is a menace.  :)  It's either steering or pushing on the accelerator - not both at the same time.  We may flip a coin to decides who is going to teach Ryan to drive if he hasn't just taught himself by then, but Kevin is definitely going to be the one to teach Connor.  It's either that or we are having a brake installed on the passenger side of the vehicle.  :)

While Robin and I were inside putting up the leftovers and catching up the boys were running around outside with Kevin and Kurt.  They saw a big dragonfly who stayed amazingly still long enough for them to even get a few pictures of it before it buzzed off.

When I made my way back outside to check on everyone this is what I found.

The pictures really don't do it justice.

The kid was pink from head to toe.

Not just any pink - NEON pink.

It was truly impressive.  :)

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