Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dinosaurs at the Zoo

The Dinosaurs are back at the zoo!

It's hard to believe it has been 2 years since we last saw the Dinosaurs at the zoo.

Though there were a couple that we recognized from our first trip 2 years ago like the brontosaurs, and the t-rex, the majority of the faces were new.

And just like the first time we were blown away with just how realistic they looked.

The way their eyes, and heads moved as if they were checking us out just as intently as we were checking them out.  :)

Their guttural grunts, high pitched chips, and assorted other noises along with the movement made them seem quite real.

This time however both of the boys were absolutely ecstatic to see them all.

They ran from one dinosaur to the next excited to see what was around the next bend. 

One of Connor's favorites of course were the babies hatching.  He wanted to stay and see them hatch all the way out.  :)

He was thoroughly convinced they were all alive with the exception of these two.  They didn't move or talk - something he quickly picked up on.  He was quite sure these were fake.  :)

Though despite the fact that they were "alive" according to Connor - he wasn't the least bit concerned about them eating us. 

No matter how ferocious they looked.  Or how many gleaming teeth they had.  Because they were in their cages, and we were safely outside.

Because that rope was clearly going to protect us from them.  Uh, huh... However, he had no desire what so ever to be encroach upon their cage lest they confuse him with a snack. 

And even though it has been 2 years he remembered this one.  He remembered that it "shot poison."

He kept a careful watch on it to make sure it wasn't going to get him.  But no sooner had we exited they were both ready to do it all over again.  :) 

On our way out we happened by this guy.  The boys clambered right on up onto his back.

I tried to get Kevin to pose with his head in the dinosaur's mouth like he was being eaten.  :)  He offered up a drumstick instead.

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