Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Ha Aloha

Remember Ryan's WILD ride?  Well, this morning it was Connor's turn.  To take us all on an adventure to Go Ha Aloha {aka Hawaii}.

Since we were all in the car and I couldn't interpret magna doodle drawings while zipping down the road... Connor's story was more of a mad libs meets zany imagination amidst dodging crazy drivers.  You have been warned.  :)

Our trip to Hawaii got off to a pretty rough start...
Tires screeching as we swirled up the up ramps in the airport parking garage.
At Mach 6. 
We practically got whiplash when Kevin careened into a parking spot and slammed on the brakes.
Before the car had even stopped moving the trunk was popped and and 4 doors simultaneously shot open, passengers disembarking at warp speed.  One of them may or may not have kissed the ground thankful to be alive.  :)
But that would be the only seconds' hesitation in what can best be described as a madcap run for the departure gate.
Ryan in the lead shouting "Out of our way!!!"
We arrived at the gate in a flurry of bags, shouts, and frantic desperation. 
The gate attendant who had been in the process of shutting the door quickly reopened the door and stood stock still with a deer in the headlights expression hoping the lunatics would pass on by safely on the other side of the door... with a lock... which she snubbed the second the last rolling bag was clear of the threshold.
As the door closed the the plane pushed back from the gate and started taxiing.
By the time we plopped into our seats the roar of the engine signaled our take off.

No sooner had our seat belts clicked and we were in the air.
With birds.  Birds that looked suspiciously like tyrannadons.  Hungry tyrannadons.
One of whom got a bit too close to the engine... and poofed... naked out the other side.  It's feathers shooting out like a dandelion cloud before flying off to hide.  Clearly mortified.

Once we arrived in Hawaii we picked up our rental car. 
Only it's steering wheel was on the wrong side!
So Daddy had to drive.  And drive he did - right off the cliff!
And into the ocean.
Bubbles trailing after us as we sunk.  [Glub, glub, glub] Like a rock.  Straight to the bottom.

We watched in wide-eyed wonder as schools of yellow fish, and blue fish just like Dorey swam across the hood of the car and circled around.  Parents pointing out the "humans" like a tour at the museum.
Then in the blink of an eye all the fish vanished.  Poof.
Where did they go??
We looked around.  Out one window, and then the next.
Until we saw it!  A SHARK!! 
With rows of shiny, bright, white teeth when he smiled his "you sure look tasty" smile.
We knew we had to get out of there. 
So we put on our goggles, grabbed the deployed oxygen masks (ala the crash videos on the airplane), and made a break for it out the sunroofs on the car.
We swam as fast as we could all the way to the surface.  Then floated like a starfish rocking gently in the waves.

Luckily a tanker was passing by and saw us waving frantically and picked us up.
They took us as close to shore as they could get and we cannonballed back into the ocean and swam the rest of the way into the beautiful cove.
The waters in the cove were crystal clear and filled with stingrays.
We petted them gently, but not on their tails!  And shuffled our feet so we didn't step on any.

When we got to the beach we could see a little sea cave.
So we had to investigate.
We tip-toed.  Quietly.  And then we heard a low, deep, rumbling, growl.
And saw to BIG, white, eyes.
It's a BEAR!!!!

We ran as fast as we could back out of the cave and up the volcano.
The bear couldn't keep up.
We ran all the way the top.
We sat down to catch our breaths and figure out how to get back down.

And then we heard the helicopter. 
We thought for sure they had come to rescue us.
As they got directly overhead they started to lower something.
What is that?
A ladder?  The stretcher? 
No... It's a... FRUIT BASKET!?!?
What are we supposed to do with a fruit basket!?!?
But as we looked to see what was inside we could see movement all around us...
Little faces peering at us between parted leaves.
It was the WIKI TIKIS!!!
They came closer... and closer...
Until we threw a banana at them!
Grapes went flying everywhere, an overripe banana smacked into Ryan splattering on impact!
We ducked as a pineapple flew by.
When it was all over we looked around.  Everyone was covered in fruit. 
Ryan had a banana peel on top of his head!!!
We laughed and we laughed.

Until we heard a low, deep, rumble... Growing louder... and louder.
OH NO!!!  It's the volcano!  It's going to explode!!!
Thankfully the Wiki Tiki's showed us their favorite water slide that went all the way down the mountain!
Connor went first.  We could hear him giggling all the way down.'

When we all got to the bottom we swam in the pool and played in the waterfall.
Connor ducked behind the waterfall and found a secret room!
Filled with treasure!! 
But not just any treasure...
PIRATE Treasure.
Gold glimmering in the light.  And rubies, and sapphires, and emeralds.
We were RICH!!
Mommy and Daddy would never have to work again, and the boys wouldn't have to go to school anymore!
Ryan and Daddy could fish ALL DAY LONG!!
And Connor and Mommy could work puzzles, and watch Scooby Doo!!
But we had no way to carry all the treasure to the bank, so we took a few pieces and went to go find something to carry it in.

When we came back through the waterfall instead of an empty pool it was filled with pirates!
Pirates who didn't want us stealing their gold!!
So we put it all back and promised not to tell anyone where it was.
Thankfully not only did they let us go, but they pointed us towards the road.
We made our way through the jungle and out onto the road.

We put our hitchhiking thumbs up and waited for a car to come along.
Before long we heard quite a terrible sounding engine coming our way.
It was must be an old Gremlin.
But when it came around the corner it was Daddy!  In our rental car.
He was able to drive it out of the water and had been looking for us.

He took us back to the airport.
When we got out water poured out of the door, and when we opened the glove box to get the rental agreement out two mackerel flopped out of the glove box!
We left the car there and went to catch our flight.
Our wet shoes making slurping noises as we walked.  :)

We got on the plane, and then drove back home.
We were so tired we went straight to bed. 
And when we woke up we realized... it was.. just... a dream...

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