Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fireworks Fridays at Kemah

We finally managed to make it down to Kemah to enjoy Fireworks Fridays last weekend.

Instead of fighting the crowd on the actual Boardwalk at Kemah we watched from one of the little neighborhoods just across the way.

The bright lights of Kemah made beautiful reflections across the water.

And even before the actual fireworks show started we had a good time just watching all the sailboats come and go through the channel.

The fireworks themselves were pretty spectacular as well.

I used the fireworks setting on my camera for the first time and was thrilled with just how well the pictures came out.

Especially given that I was holding a wriggling child in my lap and have never been known for steady hands.  Dr. Operation anyone??

The kids of course were thrilled with the fireworks.  They had a hard time deciding just which ones were their favorites.

Right up until the grand finale that is - with the barrage of things all going off at once.  :)

After the fireworks we headed over to TBone Tom's to enjoy a late night snack.

Kevin and the boys polished off two plates of onion rings all by themselves.

And then proceeded to devour the boudain balls like a hungry horde of locusts.

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely have to make it back again.

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