Sunday, September 5, 2010


We went to see the dinosaurs at the zoo on Sunday. Their last day was originally scheduled for Monday though they have since been extended until late October. Not that you would know it by the crowds of people at the zoo. The parking lot was sheer madness.

We were running a little late and wanted to make sure we got to see the dinosaurs so we went straight to the exhibit.

We had talked to the boys about seeing the Dinosaurs for several days before we went.

They were both super excited to go.

We had talked about how the Dinosaurs would be friendly dinosaurs.

And they couldn't wait to see them.

That is until they saw the first dinosaur.

The small little friendly looking baby herbivore.

And actually they were fine when they first saw him... It was when he made noises that it all went downhill... Fast.

Well, I should say it got bad for Ryan that is...

Connor didn't mind at all.

Connor wasn't even phased by the fact that their eyes followed him.

Or that they moved.

Or that their heads followed him as he moved.

Ryan went absolutely berserk.

His eyes got huge.

He was shaking life a leaf.

And was absolutely deathly afraid of all of them. And that was with the small not too terrifying ones!

Connor on the other hand pulled on my hand and dragged me from dinosaur to dinosaur.

"Mommy, go see next dinosaur!"


Connor loved the dinosaurs.

He truly seemed fascinated by them.

Ryan on the other hand was traumatized.

And that was even BEFORE he saw the T-Rex or anything else with giant teeth and massive pointy claws.

The T-Rex was amazing.
Tell me this isn't just a little a la Jurassic Park!?! :)
How would you like to meet that thing in the middle of the woods?

Connor loved him.

Connor loved every single one, except this one.
It spit water. And he didn't like that part at all though I am not sure why.

Ryan was so funny. Connor wanted to go a second and even third time. Ryan said he wanted to go again. Until he realized that again meant seeing the noise making dinosaurs again. At which point he decided he wanted no part of that plan...

But he was all over riding and posing on the non-moving, non-talking dinosaur.

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